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4.4 magnitude earthquake hits parts of Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas

A 4.4. magnitude earthquake has struck parts of Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas and seismographs have also recorded a secondary shock in the area. Read Full Article at


12.12.2018 09:43

'Tinkle contest with skunk': Pelosi trashes Trump after shouting match in Oval Office
Bomb threat triggers evacuation at Facebook Menlo Park campus
'Its called transparency': Trump drags Schumer & Pelosi into heated border wall debate (VIDEO)
Tap Idiot and get Trump, news is bad and my phones a spy: Lawmakers complain to Google CEO
9yo girl driven to suicide over relentless racially charged bullying
Alex Jones heckles CEO of evil Google in Senate halls on way to hearing
Parents outraged after children hit the stage in KKK costumes in Arizona
Loyal dog guards burned-down house weeks after California wildfire (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)
Pompeo blasted for hypocrisy on Twitter after saying Russia squandering public funds on military
Big mistake! Newspaper writes about Julia Roberts holes in hilarious typo
Military will build border wall if Congress doesnt play ball - Trump
Its official: Excessive screen time irreversibly affects kids brains, study finds
Pen-pal of Charleston church shooter arrested in pipeline bomb plot sting in Ohio
White people are the best! Columbia probes students viral racial rant (VIDEO)
Red, white & blue dawn? US aerial drill simulates full-scale forcible entry invasion
FBI arrests ISIS sympathizer for plotting Pittsburgh copycat attack on Ohio synagogues
Hold your nose and look for hate speech - Breitbart says Google tried to slash its ad revenue
KKK recruiting in Pittsburgh neighborhood where synagogue shooter murdered 11 Jews
Dirty game or business as usual: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes on DC lobbyists



'I will contest it: UK PM May to face vote of confidence in leadership over Brexit deal

Embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May will face a vote of confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party on Wednesday after the necessary threshold to potentially oust her was reached by party's 1922 Committee. Read Full Article at


12.12.2018 07:47

Theresa Mays premiership is an Achilles heel of the entire Brexit - George Galloway
BBC knowingly broadcasts coded negative imagery of Corbyn, top British lawyer claims
May cancels MPs Christmas, Brexit vote will now happen before Jan 21
Hard (Br)exit: Theresa May gets stuck in car as Merkel looks on (VIDEO)
Disgrace: UK MP seizes Queens symbolic mace during Brexit debate, gets suspended
'Queen will be in hellfire: Details emerge on samurai sword-wielding Buckingham Palace attacker
UK Parliament on lock-down, armed police detain intruder
Leaping out of the grave: Rare Iron Age chariot with horses is an unparalleled find
Foreign Office to investigate reports UK govt funded anti-Corbyn company
May accused of stunning display of pathetic cowardice after delaying Brexit vote
Theresa May to address Parliament on Brexit amid reports key vote will be postponed
Brexit vote confusion: Conflicting reports on whether or not it will go ahead
Its mine, my own, my Brexit!: Gollum actor reprises role to deride Theresa May (VIDEO)
Javid circling May, ready to launch leadership bid if PMs s*** Brexit deal is defeated - reports
Boris Johnsons new haircut fires up rumor mill about Tory leadership challenge (PHOTOS)
Labour furious over report that anti-Russia charity targeted Corbyn, receives govt cash
British MP suggests threatening Ireland with food shortages over Brexit, Twitter outrage follows
Discredited race science: Academics unite against eugenicist given Cambridge fellowship
Perverted sense of fun: UK teen who sent bomb threats to schools & airports jailed for 3 years