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US considers restrictions on green cards for immigrants receiving public benefits

The Trump administration may deny green cards to legal immigrants, both living in the US or just seeking to enter, if they have been dependent on certain public benefits, like housing vouchers, Medicaid or food stamps. Read Full Article at


23.09.2018 09:41

Well overthrow them! Trumps lawyer stirs up Iran Uprising Summit after deadly terrorist attack
US Navy ships & training bases exposed as highest risk in military sex assault report
Racially profiled & humiliated: Black candidate busted for dealing politics seeks apology
'Poisonous connection' of big tech: Google staff confer over anti-Trump search tweak
Ex-Trump aide and CNN pundit accused of drugging lover with abortion pill
Daredevil raccoon climbs high-rise, drops from about 8 stories (VIDEO)
Trump vows to get rid of lingering stench at Justice Department
Kavanaugh nomination vote set for Monday, unless accuser testifies on sex abuse claims
Facebook to stop embedding staff in political campaigns
Tinker, traitor, lawyer, lie: NY Times claims DAG Rosenstein suggested secretly recording Trump
Pompeo promises a series of actions against Venezuela in the coming days
Trump blames OPEC for high oil prices, but his polices drive them up - analyst to RT
Infowars says PayPal has terminated agreement with it for promoting 'hate'
Clown wars: Trump trades Pennywise barbs with California Democrat
NYT rolls out mammoth report on Russian interference that fails to tell allegations from facts
Duke Energy dam fails in North Carolina, coal ash leaking into river
Sexy Handmaids Tale Halloween costume swiftly removed from sale after outcry
Trump delays order to declassify Russia probe documents
Trump blasts Kavanaugh accuser, says if alleged attack was that 'bad,' charges would have been filed



Labour to challenge May on Brexit deal and will trigger general election if it fails - Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn says the Labour party will call for a national election if any Brexit deal struck by Prime Minister Theresa May with Brussels fails to meet his party's 'six tests.' Read Full Article at


22.09.2018 19:41

EU must be kidding: Nigel Farage-emblazoned condoms push for 'hard Brexit'
UK PM May demands new proposals from EU to break impasse
'Ticking time bomb: New government report claims UK's nuclear enterprise is not 'fit for purpose'
#ICYMI: The Salisbury poisoning - Petrov and Boshirov, two men on a mini-break (VIDEO)
Corbyn called for boycott of Arsenal FC in 2006 in protest of clubs deal with Israeli tourist board
UK boasts of securing its skies from aggression by peeking at Russian bombers in intl airspace
Semen or toothpaste? Sussex University slammed for distributing sexist material to new students
UK to set up new internet regulator to monitor hate speech and enforce code of conduct - report
Tories leak secret plan to ditch Theresa May as leader & list of possible successors
'Croydon cat killer': Mystery of feline mutilations finally 'solved' but have police been outfoxed?
Sun deletes models Putin wants to kill me story amid claims of Salisbury poisoning hoax
Is deep state trying to block Corbyn govt? Labour leaders adviser fears top secret conspiracy
Two UK teenagers arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attacks
Referendum, again? May & Tory minister at odds as EU wants UKs Brexit plan reworked
Putin wants me dead: Russian model seduces UK tabloids with new Salisbury poisoning claims
Sun boycott: British journos accuse Corbyn-supporting group of press censorship
UKs Def Sec Gavin Russia should shut up Williamson tours Ukraines frontline
NHS dubbed subconsciously racist by first non-white leader of British Medical Association
3 injured after car hits pedestrians outside mosque in NW London, investigated as hate crime



Moscow court liquidates vigilante movement that fought parking violations

Moscow City Court has ruled that the public movement that fought illegal parking by putting huge insulting stickers on vehicles, publicly telling off violators and posting subsequent conflicts on the internet, should be dissolved...


21.09.2018 12:51

Any dialogue is better than none at all - top Russian senator on relations with US
Top senator hints at Russias looming exit from Council of Europe
New Russian bill bans hired drivers from using drivers licenses issued outside the country
Candidates in canceled elections should be barred from running again - LDPR leader
Supreme Court speaks out against formal approach in trials over extremist internet reposts
Regional vote results in Russias Far East annulled over violations
Russian state bodies and law enforcement agencies to get own cellular network - report
Russian elections body recommends annulment of Far East vote over violations
Russian poll reveals overwhelming support for ban on mobile phones in schools
Russian Duma gives second nod to bill criminalizing the spreading of fake news
Moscow says Russia & Ukraine will inevitably overcome crisis after government change in Kiev
Centrist lawmaker seeks total prohibition in Russia to bring alcohol producers to heel
Candidates trade rigging accusations as polls in Russias Far East almost end in a draw
Russian liberals ask Putin to fire National Guard commander over fisticuffs challenge to activist
Crimean lawmaker describes Poroshenkos call to say goodbye to Russia as self-consolation
Russia can completely dump US dollar in 5 years - snr lawmaker
Russia completes replacement of Ukrainian imports in defense industry - deputy PM
Man behind Pussy Riot seriously ill & may have been poisoned, say family
Russian Human Rights ombudsman seeks Trumps pardon for jailed pilot Yaroshenko



OPEC snubs Trumps demand to up production at meeting of major oil producers

A possible boost in oil production was not discussed at a recent meeting between OPEC and other major oil producing nations, following earlier demands by US President Donald Trump that oil output be increased to bring prices down...


23.09.2018 17:32

Replacing Russian gas with American LNG would be absolutely ridiculous - expert to RT
Japanese refiners stop buying Iran oil ahead of sanctions
BRICS bank to finance new projects in Russia & India
Russias largest energy companies preparing to substitute petrodollar in settlements
Americans save $9 on sushi but aren't ready to demand affordable healthcare - RTs Keiser Report
Iran: We wont let OPEC boost production
Russia to become Chinas top supplier of gas soon
We have far more bullets: Trump threatens China with more tariffs if Beijing dares to retaliate
Russia could gain from trade wars by cornering new markets - economy minister
Fitch slashes global economic growth forecast over US-China trade war
US sanctions are sign of dollar crisis & decline of confidence - Lavrov
Trump is obsessed with auto trade, French ambassador to the US says
Economic cold war may be coming, JPMorgan warns
Trump demands OPEC lower oil prices, claims US protects Middle East countries
Russia can thrive without foreign loans in case of tougher sanctions - Finance Ministry
Global economic growth may have reached peak due to trade tensions - OECD report
US-China tariffs exchange could have 'significant economic costs' to global economy - IMF
Beijing plans to cut import tax for most trading partners as trade war with US deepens - report
Russian stock market hits another all-time high amid further ruble growth



Anthony Joshua KOs Alexander Povetkin in thriller to retain world heavyweight titles

World heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua retained his titles with a dramatic 7th round KO of Russian challenger Aleksander Povetkin at Wembley Stadium on Saturday. Read Full Article at


22.09.2018 22:04

Joshua v Povetkin: British heavyweight champ faces Russian challenger & burden of expectation
Father of NBA star killed in drive-by shooting
Foul play: NFL star penalized for butt-wipe touchdown celebration (VIDEO)
Palestinian sports groups threaten Puma boycott over Israel sponsorship
US Olympic women's volleyball star indicted for murder, child abuse in Puerto Rico
Were not women: Juve star Can sparks sexism debate after apology for Ronaldo red card comments
Footballer disappears into hole while celebrating Europa League goal (VIDEO)
War of Words: The best quotes from Conor & Khabib's 'darkest' UFC 229 presser (PHOTOS/VIDEO)
Are you disrespecting Putin!? - Conor goads Khabib over WC final pic with Russian President
'I'll beat Khabib in the name of the Russian people!' McGregor makes shock UFC 229 promise (VIDEO)
Khabib Nurmagomedov v Conor McGregor UFC 229 press conference from NYC (VIDEO)
This is a turning point in the whole story - Swiss sports lawyer on RUSADA reinstatement
He thinks he can KO me, well see: Khabib lays into McGregor ahead of UFC 229 press conference
Ronaldo red card relief: Cristiano set to be handed 1-game ban, freeing him up for Man Utd return
Our athletes are the real winners - head of Russian anti-doping agency on WADA ruling
Trump admin sued by canoeists over river restrictions near golf course
WADA reinstates Russian anti-doping agency, ending 3-year suspension
I will always compete for Russia - figure skating star Medvedeva on Canada switch rumors
No. 1 bullsh*t people: Khabib, fellow fighters hit out at USADA after Jon Jones doping ruling