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Russia to become Chinas top supplier of gas soon

One of the worlds longest gas pipelines - the Power of Siberia - which is being created to deliver natural gas from Russia to China, is almost complete. The sides are now getting ready to ink a contract on another major pipeline. Read Full Article at


22.09.2018 06:02

We have far more bullets: Trump threatens China with more tariffs if Beijing dares to retaliate
Russia could gain from trade wars by cornering new markets - economy minister
Fitch slashes global economic growth forecast over US-China trade war
US sanctions are sign of dollar crisis & decline of confidence - Lavrov
Trump is obsessed with auto trade, French ambassador to the US says
Economic cold war may be coming, JPMorgan warns
Trump demands OPEC lower oil prices, claims US protects Middle East countries
Russia can thrive without foreign loans in case of tougher sanctions - Finance Ministry
Global economic growth may have reached peak due to trade tensions - OECD report
US-China tariffs exchange could have 'significant economic costs' to global economy - IMF
Beijing plans to cut import tax for most trading partners as trade war with US deepens - report
Russian stock market hits another all-time high amid further ruble growth
Volkswagen agrees pull-out from Iran to comply with US sanctions - reports
Alibabas Ma says Trumps trade war destroyed his promise to create jobs for 1mn Americans


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10:22 South African farmers to visit Russias Crimea to boost ties while facing land expropriation at home

09:29 Nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50 a day - World Bank

09:03 Emerging economies stockpiling gold in expectation of US dollar banking system collapse - analysts

05:50 Ukraine government hikes gas prices for population by quarter as part of deal with IMF


12:50 Russia welcomes foreign banks to join its money transfer alternative to SWIFT

12:04 South African city to begin confiscating land from white citizens in national test case

10:44 Huge Iranian oil armada heads to China before US sanctions kick in

10:39 Russia negotiates new energy project with Exxon despite looming US sanctions - reports

05:22 US shales glory days are numbered


21:31 Russia getting rid of US dollar matter of national security - Putin

15:07 Russia & China preparing to ditch dollar for national currencies in trade - top official

12:34 Russia liquidates nearly all its holdings of US debt & invests money in gold

11:05 Sanctions anyone? Russia's richest keep getting richer

10:59 Money talks: Top US firms to visit Saudi business forum ignoring alleged grisly murder of critic

10:04 United States shies away from calling China currency manipulator

08:25 Chop-chop: Saudis may cut billions in military contracts & petrodollar in response to US sanctions


15:03 Putin discusses free-trade zone with Sisi as Russias trade with Egypt surges 62%

14:34 Expect US dollar to plunge 40% against euro, forex analyst predicts

11:10 Poland's 'sovereignty' means paying more for American liquefied natural gas

10:27 Dollar monopoly slips as China & Japan dump US Treasuries

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