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Forensic experts confirm preliminary authenticity of last Russian royal familys remains

Shortly before the centenary of the execution of the last Russian Tsar and his family, forensic experts have confirmed, in preliminary findings, that the remains found near Yekaterinburg in 1993 and 2007 belong to Romanovs. Read Full Article at


16.07.2018 13:13

Parents could get mobile location data of missing kids under new Russian bill
Russian military schools to offer free education to young Syrians
Dont hide your polygamy - Chechen minister tells Russian men
Common Syrians suffer most from Western sanctions says Russian envoy
Most Russians want Moscow to treat West as partners - opinion poll
Majority party United Russia proposes Russian Football Day commemorative date
Russian delegation leaves OSCE PA session in protest over regulations violation
Two-thirds of Russians believe global government exists - poll
Russian Defense Minister rules out direct military conflict with Ukraine
Grandson of iconic Soviet leader Brezhnev passes away in Crimea
Duma committee approves draft law to protect Russian children from Columbine web groups
Let us think this never happened: Russian senator blasts US colleague over mafia comparison
Ukraine still seeks to destabilize Crimean Republic claims Russian security chief
Russian tycoon wins compensation from model and sex coach over disclosure of private life


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14:40 Fined for discrimination: School ordered to pay after student excluded for her pink hair

12:46 Prosecutor says he never blamed official Moscow over Montenegro coup plot


14:49 Video of nurses abusing mentally ill patient sparks outrage, clinic boss ready to resign

12:41 Russia mulls fines for involving minors in unlawful protests

11:16 Russians like China, dislike US, split about EU - poll


17:48 No warplane to take off: Russias S-700 missile system can cover entire planet - party leader

15:56 Flower power: Russian govt mulls bill to lift poppy plant production ban to grow for medical use

14:35 Russias new nuclear security policy approved by Putin, govt to implement within three months

14:04 Russian police probe mysterious death of 32yo Nigerian prince in night club


14:08 Kremlin promises to defend Russian Orthodox Christians in Ukraine

10:39 Russian govt backs bill allowing use of geolocation data to search for missing kids

09:14 US repeatedly rejected Russian offer of mutual non-interventionism pact - diplomat


14:16 Russian ombudsman wants nationwide block on AliExpress over fears for kids health

12:21 We wont pay for thin air: Moscow responds to Council of Europe expulsion threats

09:38 Kadyrov apologizes for hooligan, summons him to Grozny for telling off


14:36 Top managers of failed banks should be banned from leaving Russia - Duma speaker

10:58 Half of all Russians and Ukrainians want friendship & open borders between two nations, poll shows

09:41 No PACE cooperation in 2019 due to anti-Russian hysteria - snr lawmaker


14:31 Pro-Putin activists say warning system should prevent extremist reposts on the web

11:26 Ukrainian presidents statements of Russian plans to rig elections lack proof: Experts to RT

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