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Not critical: Russian MP expects EU sanctions to boost economy

The latest extension of economic sanctions by the European Union will not harm Russias economy and may even benefit some of its branches, according to an MP representing the opposition party, Fair Russia. Read Full Article at


12.03.2018 13:49

Top senator describes forthcoming elections as most transparent in modern Russia's history
Your guide to 2018 Russian presidential election candidates: 3. Ksenia Sobchak (Civic Initiative)
Russian MP apologizes after accusations of sexual harassment
BBC journalist accuses Russian MP Slutsky of harassment, says she has proof
St. Petersburg fraudsters busted for selling passports of non-existent nation to migrants
Presidential candidate Sobchak faces backlash after asking Ukraines permission to visit Crimea
Your guide to the 2018 Russian presidential election candidates: 2. Vladimir Putin (Independent)
Radio Liberty poll on Stalinist purges ends in epic trolling thread
Foreigners suspected of aiding terrorists set to be barred from entering Russia
Booze or browse? Half of all Russians would rather quit alcohol than the internet, poll shows
Epidemic of harassment charges will lead to end of humanity, claims Russian presidential hopeful
Communist candidate Grudinin accused of secretly keeping gold in Swiss bank
Foreign sponsors boost funding of Russias opposition, upper house commission claims
Kadyrovs bench-press challenge: Chechen leader pumps iron for presidential election


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14:33 Protesters attack district official after landfill gas allegedly poisons children

13:26 Echoes of Arya Stark as Russian girls threatening slit-throat gesture at governor goes viral

09:32 Russian reporters boycott parliament over sexual harassment scandal


15:04 Ethics commission says harassment charges against MP were part of election-related campaign

13:43 Putin orders examination of Sobchaks request to pardon alleged political prisoners

10:52 Russian senator prepares bill to equate Stalinism with Nazism

09:08 No free love? Russian parliament rejects cohabitation bill


13:52 Presidential poll results cancelled at 7 ballot stations - Russian official

11:28 Russias Supreme Court orders Telegram messenger to hand over encryption keys to security services

10:04 Outrage as aging rock star insults Russians in Facebook post


14:45 European monitors praise technical side of Russian election, but note some rights violations

13:18 Putin reveals primary objective of new presidential term

10:33 Communist candidate set to lose his moustache over poor election showing

09:35 I did not run for the result: Sobchak tells RT of plans to unite liberal opposition


22:24 Think I'll sit until I'm 100 years old? - Putin on seeking another election bid

19:09 Navalny accuses Sobchak of running in exchange for 'tremendous sum of money'

18:10 Voter turnout at Russian polls - why pay attention


21:37 Commemorative plaque for slain politician Nemtsov set up in Moscow

15:01 Russians head to ballot stations in 7th presidential election

13:52 Russian presidential election: A comprehensive guide to the main candidates

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