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Rape victim data gathering by police is unlawful - London victims commissioner

The gathering of intrusive data from possible rape victims, by police, is unlawful and could prevent them from reporting the crime, Londons victims commissioner has stated. A complainant told RT the process is violating. Read Full Article at


17.10.2018 17:48

Police carry out controlled explosion on package near British parliament
Fracking Three freed as court of appeal declare original ruling 'manifestly excessive'
Explain this censorship: Facebook removes Guardian writers video on British colonial crimes
Knives out for ex-Tory PM John Major after he rips into Boris & fellow Brexiteers
Wheelie awful: UK teens world record attempt comes screeching to a halt after bike stolen in Oz
BBC accused of fake news after quoting parody Assange account as real thing
Swastika flag, KKK outfit & baby Adolf: Couple accused of National Action membership (PHOTOS)
Reassess UK-UAE ties: British student charged with spying on Gulf state
WATCH robot give evidence to parliament, outperforming some ministers
Let me hit you with it: Labour MP offers to whip Tory MP during debate on racehorse welfare
Telegraph defence editor savaged by Owen Jones over Saudi-links, deletes Twitter account
BBC effort to combat 'heteronormative' culture 'baffles' social media
Groundhog day - Corbyn slams May as she updates parliament on Brexit
UK MoD breached 37 times last year, redacted reports reveal


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21:24 Dishonesty shameful betrayal: Brexit backers angry at Mays deal with EU

19:23 Draft Brexit plan approved by British cabinet, released to public

18:47 May to face vote of no-confidence from Tory MPs - BBC

15:46 Vigilante group recruits 550 people to counter Birminghams rise in violent crime

15:13 Woman launches shocking tirade at flight crew after they deny her more booze (VIDEOS)

12:27 Steve Bannon to speak at Oxford Union, left-wing group announces protest

11:24 Youre paranoid: Man bit by cat dies from rabies after NHS prescribed anti-itch cream

11:18 Labour MP claims Russian drove speeding car despite man being in Russia, court hears

01:17 UK developing killer robot drones though it says it isnt - study


16:41 Brexit deal agreed with EU: UK ministers set to arrive at No 10. for May meeting

15:01 Sex difference: Scientists claim to have discovered what sets men and women apart

14:47 Tommy Robinson refused entry into US to attend Republicans event on Islam - reports

12:06 Pregnant mum of 5 murdered with crossbow in East London, baby survives

11:14 'Sleep with me, Ill make you a Baroness: Lib Dem peer faces longest suspension since WWII

03:25 Russia threat ever more real: UKs May berates Moscow like recalcitrant child & offers salvation


16:53 Outstanding soldier was recruiter for British neo-Nazi terrorist group

16:32 British Airways to be Spanish? Company wants to keep EU status in case of no-deal Brexit - report

13:41 British Army ready to help in case of no-deal Brexit - general

13:03 Different relationship: May to offer Moscow an olive branch with conditions

12:03 #ICYMI: Is every other Russian in London really a spy or informant? (VIDEO)

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