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Monty Pythons Cleese to leave UK due to British press - ranked bottom of EU trust league

Actor and comedian John Cleese has declared he will leave the UK later this year due to the lying and triviality of the British press - ranked the least trustworthy among 33 European nations. Read Full Article at


11.07.2018 14:35

Pack those condoms: Sex health docs warn rare STI could become superbug
Police cant say Skripal & Amesbury cases linked, no guarantee those responsible will be caught
Tory MP publicly shuns PMs invitation to watch England semifinal
Mum of 6yo epileptic boy becomes first to legally bring miracle cannabis oil into UK
Being dead is a breach of contract, PayPal tells grieving husband
Mean spirits: Bristol distillery apologizes over tasteless timing of Novichok-brand vodka launch
Explainer: Why is Northern Ireland such a big deal in Theresa Mays Brexit negotiations?
2 Tory party vice-chairs quitting over PM Mays Brexit strategy - government official
Keep low profile - US Embassy warns citizens ahead of Trump UK visit protests
New health sec took 30k in donations from chairman of think tank pushing to abolish NHS
NHS stops vaginal mesh ops as women kept from walking or having sex post-surgery
Officer hospitalized as Tommy Robinson supporters face-off with anti-fascists (PHOTOS)
MP no-show raises questions over UKs concern about Amesbury Novichok poisoning
Brexit blues: Twitter unimpressed after depressed Farage goes fishing


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09:40 Chemical pollutants make people gay: Vegan groups comment backfires on social media

08:43 ISIS fanatic guilty of planning to behead Theresa May and attack Parliament

05:03 UK investigators believe they identified Skripal attack suspects - Press Association source


20:25 Your first-ever childhood memory could be fake news, new research reveals

16:27 Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson to remain in prison as judges consider appeal

15:44 Tory MP slams Donald Trump and Boris Johnson as giant egos who believe in fake news (VIDEO)

15:44 Operations stopped at London Heathrow after reported fire alarm at control tower

15:35 Was Trump right? Is the UK in turmoil?

15:16 Entertainer takes swing at PC culture as Punch & Judy gets boot for domestic violence

15:05 National Action leader jailed for 8 years over banned neo-Nazi group membership

14:12 Almost Stalinist: Labour Brexiteer Kate Hoey lashes out at EU

12:10 Sexting Tory MP given ministerial role by May despite allegations of inappropriate touching

12:08 Teens snubbing sex & alcohol for family time, new research reveals

10:37 US Secret Service agent dies after stroke during Trumps Scotland trip

10:21 Sinn Féin Gerry Adams home attacked: Man released on bail pending police investigation

10:01 Manipulated sexual harassment probe leads to Corbyn-critic John Woodcock quitting as Labour MP

08:45 Its appalling: Tory rebels threatened with election if they oppose Theresa Mays Brexit plan

04:45 Jealous woman smears 8 liters of pig blood all over lord's flat


15:53 Ex-UKIP councillor murdered wife after row about affair with sons partner

15:03 Blow it up: Churchills grandson calls for voting system shake-up after Vote Leave breach (VIDEO)

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