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From space threats to power cuts: 5 times UK defence sec dropped a Russian fear bomb

Its been seven months since Gavin Williamson swapped the party whip for weapons and the British defence secretary has wasted little time in ramping up the jingoist rhetoric to secure more funds for his cash-strapped MoD. Read Full Article at


25.05.2018 14:02

#ICYMI: Sweden issues a fighting guidebook, but millennials want WiFi not wars (VIDEO)
We may have to use nukes if I dont get more cash - UK Defence Secretary Williamson
George Osborne takes on job number 8! For major European investment firm
Tommy Robinson jailed for 13 months after filming outside child sex grooming trial
Cannabis for medical use could become law after MPs form legislation action group
40 years after the Bahrainis kicked them out, the Royal Navy returns to the Gulf
Move over Ireland: Romanians are now the 2nd biggest migrant group in UK
David Lammy and Toby Young battle on Twitter over accusations of Oxford University racism
Columbine-obsessed teens guilty of plotting copycat killings at Yorkshire school
MI6 - secretly were just like you: Creepy spy TV ad aimed at ethnic minority mums
Yulia Skripals first post-poisoning TV appearance: What we did and didnt learn
Stand up to the Daily Mail - crowdfunding campaign aims to take down Brexit bullies
Corbyn takes money from Kremlin: Russian phone pranksters appear to fool Boris Johnson (AUDIO)
Easy come, easy go, will EU let them go? German-led clique oppose UK staying in Galileo sat program


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17:05 Theresa Mays premiership is an Achilles heel of the entire Brexit - George Galloway

15:57 BBC knowingly broadcasts coded negative imagery of Corbyn, top British lawyer claims

14:17 May cancels MPs Christmas, Brexit vote will now happen before Jan 21

14:11 Hard (Br)exit: Theresa May gets stuck in car as Merkel looks on (VIDEO)

13:04 Disgrace: UK MP seizes Queens symbolic mace during Brexit debate, gets suspended

12:36 'Queen will be in hellfire: Details emerge on samurai sword-wielding Buckingham Palace attacker

12:05 UK Parliament on lock-down, armed police detain intruder

07:11 Leaping out of the grave: Rare Iron Age chariot with horses is an unparalleled find


15:58 Foreign Office to investigate reports UK govt funded anti-Corbyn company

15:33 May accused of stunning display of pathetic cowardice after delaying Brexit vote

12:15 Theresa May to address Parliament on Brexit amid reports key vote will be postponed

12:07 Brexit vote confusion: Conflicting reports on whether or not it will go ahead

11:57 Its mine, my own, my Brexit!: Gollum actor reprises role to deride Theresa May (VIDEO)

11:12 Javid circling May, ready to launch leadership bid if PMs s*** Brexit deal is defeated - reports

10:23 Boris Johnsons new haircut fires up rumor mill about Tory leadership challenge (PHOTOS)


21:08 Labour furious over report that anti-Russia charity targeted Corbyn, receives govt cash


20:14 British MP suggests threatening Ireland with food shortages over Brexit, Twitter outrage follows

16:03 Discredited race science: Academics unite against eugenicist given Cambridge fellowship

16:02 Perverted sense of fun: UK teen who sent bomb threats to schools & airports jailed for 3 years

14:19 Give six year-olds the vote: Cambridge professor risks ridicule with radical plan

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