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Hard Brexit warning from Ireland as UK agrees fallback option on Customs Union

Theresa Mays Cabinet has agreed on a fallback option that keeps the UK within the EU Customs Union until after 2021, to avoid a hard border being established between Northern Ireland and the Republic, according to reports. Read Full Article at


17.05.2018 16:56

'In praise of the Wehrmacht - Twitter outrage at sneaky Spectator Nazi army headline swap
Joint Jewish-Muslim plea over possible Hezbollah presence at pro-Palestinian London march
Assad more widely supported in Syria than West estimates - Labours Emily Thornberry
Royal wedding: Forget the dysfunctional Markle family, its the Windsors Meghan needs to worry about
Grenfell rehousing effort has been 'too slow', Conservatives admit (VIDEO)
Out of sight, out of mind: Windsor Police threaten to tow charity bus parked outside castle
England World Cup flag warning: Russian fans call police statement ridiculous (VIDEO)
More F-35s vs the Eurofighter: MoD decisions as funding gap row grows
UK detectives 'question Sergei Skripal' over trips to London and MI6 meetings
Guns could be given to rural police to tackle terrorism - police chief
Benedict Cumberbatch to play Vote Leave leader in Brexit drama - who else could be involved?
Ultra-nationalist Turkish group Grey Wolves present at pro-Erdogan London rally
Victim infected with HIV denied compensation because he heckled Tory politician
BBCs mindless late night Royal Wedding push notification pushes some over the edge


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13:00 UK arms sales to Israel hit peak, as Prince William plans visit to Jerusalem

12:10 Mother of all thunderstorms: UK hit by up to 20,000 lightning strikes (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)


15:26 Interpol put British man on most wanted list after over two years on the run

15:24 War on the left: Targets of relentless Wikipedia editor Philip Cross report intriguing patterns

14:15 UK bitcoin traders focus of US probe into manipulation of cryptocurrency prices

14:02 From space threats to power cuts: 5 times UK defence sec dropped a Russian fear bomb

12:44 #ICYMI: Sweden issues a fighting guidebook, but millennials want WiFi not wars (VIDEO)

11:34 We may have to use nukes if I dont get more cash - UK Defence Secretary Williamson

10:51 George Osborne takes on job number 8! For major European investment firm

10:41 Tommy Robinson arrested for breach of the peace after chasing down accused child abusers

09:59 Cannabis for medical use could become law after MPs form legislation action group

09:37 40 years after the Bahrainis kicked them out, the Royal Navy returns to the Gulf

08:46 Move over Ireland: Romanians are now the 2nd biggest migrant group in UK


16:56 David Lammy and Toby Young battle on Twitter over accusations of Oxford University racism

16:37 Columbine-obsessed teens guilty of plotting copycat killings at Yorkshire school

16:17 MI6 - secretly were just like you: Creepy spy TV ad aimed at ethnic minority mums

16:12 Yulia Skripals first post-poisoning TV appearance: What we did and didnt learn

15:13 Stand up to the Daily Mail - crowdfunding campaign aims to take down Brexit bullies

14:01 Corbyn takes money from Kremlin: Russian phone pranksters appear to fool Boris Johnson (AUDIO)

13:27 Easy come, easy go, will EU let them go? German-led clique oppose UK staying in Galileo sat program

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