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Joint Jewish-Muslim plea over possible Hezbollah presence at pro-Palestinian London march

A Hezbollah presence at a London march would put both Jews and Muslims at risk, Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been warned. Backers of the Lebanon-based group are reportedly planning to attend next months Quds Day in the capital. Read Full Article at


17.05.2018 16:16

Assad more widely supported in Syria than West estimates - Labours Emily Thornberry
Royal wedding: Forget the dysfunctional Markle family, its the Windsors Meghan needs to worry about
Grenfell rehousing effort has been 'too slow', Conservatives admit (VIDEO)
Out of sight, out of mind: Windsor Police threaten to tow charity bus parked outside castle
England World Cup flag warning: Russian fans call police statement ridiculous (VIDEO)
More F-35s vs the Eurofighter: MoD decisions as funding gap row grows
UK detectives 'question Sergei Skripal' over trips to London and MI6 meetings
Guns could be given to rural police to tackle terrorism - police chief
Benedict Cumberbatch to play Vote Leave leader in Brexit drama - who else could be involved?
Ultra-nationalist Turkish group Grey Wolves present at pro-Erdogan London rally
Victim infected with HIV denied compensation because he heckled Tory politician
BBCs mindless late night Royal Wedding push notification pushes some over the edge
Let them have weed, UK nurses say
Brexodus: Eastern Europeans fleeing UK as it becomes 'less attractive place to live and work'


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13:00 UK arms sales to Israel hit peak, as Prince William plans visit to Jerusalem

12:10 Mother of all thunderstorms: UK hit by up to 20,000 lightning strikes (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)


15:26 Interpol put British man on most wanted list after over two years on the run

15:24 War on the left: Targets of relentless Wikipedia editor Philip Cross report intriguing patterns

14:15 UK bitcoin traders focus of US probe into manipulation of cryptocurrency prices

14:02 From space threats to power cuts: 5 times UK defence sec dropped a Russian fear bomb

12:44 #ICYMI: Sweden issues a fighting guidebook, but millennials want WiFi not wars (VIDEO)

11:34 We may have to use nukes if I dont get more cash - UK Defence Secretary Williamson

10:51 George Osborne takes on job number 8! For major European investment firm

10:41 Tommy Robinson arrested for breach of the peace after chasing down accused child abusers

09:59 Cannabis for medical use could become law after MPs form legislation action group

09:37 40 years after the Bahrainis kicked them out, the Royal Navy returns to the Gulf

08:46 Move over Ireland: Romanians are now the 2nd biggest migrant group in UK


16:56 David Lammy and Toby Young battle on Twitter over accusations of Oxford University racism

16:37 Columbine-obsessed teens guilty of plotting copycat killings at Yorkshire school

16:17 MI6 - secretly were just like you: Creepy spy TV ad aimed at ethnic minority mums

16:12 Yulia Skripals first post-poisoning TV appearance: What we did and didnt learn

15:13 Stand up to the Daily Mail - crowdfunding campaign aims to take down Brexit bullies

14:01 Corbyn takes money from Kremlin: Russian phone pranksters appear to fool Boris Johnson (AUDIO)

13:27 Easy come, easy go, will EU let them go? German-led clique oppose UK staying in Galileo sat program

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