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Ultra-nationalist Turkish group Grey Wolves present at pro-Erdogan London rally

A Turkish far-right banner was spotted amongst the crowds who turned out in support of Turkish President Erdogan's visit to Downing Street on Tuesday. But who are the group behind it? Read Full Article at


16.05.2018 16:59

Victim infected with HIV denied compensation because he heckled Tory politician
BBCs mindless late night Royal Wedding push notification pushes some over the edge
Let them have weed, UK nurses say
Brexodus: Eastern Europeans fleeing UK as it becomes 'less attractive place to live and work'
Dead or destitute: Grim future for migrants deported in Windrush crackdown, says David Lammy
Gaza slaughter: UK Government response to Palestinian deaths wholly inadequate - Corbyn
Im not coming: Zuckerberg refuses UK govt request to appear in person over data scandal
Police warn English fans - dont instigate violence by waving St Georges flag at World Cup (VIDEO)
Scottish Parliament rejects Mays Brexit bill in symbolic, but significant act
Erdogan talks: MP urges Theresa May to "not think about the bottom dollar"
Gaza violence: Boris Johnson flees Parliament to avoid urgent question (VIDEO)
From child hooligans to 'canine KGB death squads: UK media launches usual Russia World Cup takedown
Palestinian killings by IDF prompts blame of Hamas by Labour Friends of Israel
Sergei Skripals niece again denied visa by Britain to visit relatives amid abduction fears


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13:13 Posh London schools Austerity Day lunch turns stomachs on Twitter


16:42 Nazi-saluting drunk tries to escape on tug vehicle after EasyJet rampage

16:41 You can stay here after Brexit: Home Sec Javid bizarrely tells Welsh MPs they can live in UK

15:29 As May picks the NHS over defence, is the UK government really worried about Russia?

15:07 Gender-neutral passports rejected as court rules specifying sex is not discrimination

14:16 Philip May and family profit from Trumps caging of children in detention centers

13:59 #ICYMI: Kids in cages and drowning in the Med, lifes tough for the modern refugee

12:59 Prince William should visit Gaza after Israeli bloodshed, chief of UK Palestinian Council tells RT

12:41 Baffling & embarrassing: Fawning Theresa May bowing to prince sparks mockery online

11:35 Shes a very bad prime minister who needs to be kicked out - Tories biggest donor on May

10:43 We had a poof & no slave owners: Monty Pythons Cleese slams BBC too white & Oxbridge claim

10:32 Donald Trump already planning second UK visit post- Brexit, recording reveals

09:17 White pupils lag behind because they lack immigrant families drive, Ofsted chief says

08:30 Homeless man jailed for using lost number to finish London Marathon

06:43 Man detained after bomb scare at Londons Charing Cross rail station


16:21 Billionaire Bransons Virgin Care successfully sues NHS for 2m in public money

15:39 As NATO chief pleads for alliance unity, MoD ministers warn Russia is preparing for war (VIDEO)

15:02 Pedophile hunters confront Home Office employee accused of grooming 12yo girl

14:04 Couple forced to live outside UK have house turned into weed farm and destroyed by fire

13:13 Sick Labour MP forced to attend Brexit vote in pyjamas as Tories tear up convention

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