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UK PM Theresa May claims Syria strikes 'not because Trump told us to'

Theresa May told parliament the airstrikes against Syria by Britain and its allies were morally and legally right," but was mocked over whether she or President Trump made the decision for the UK military to launch strikes. Read Full Article at


16.04.2018 15:20

Relation Speciale? UK pushed aside as French take pole position behind US in latest military action
Theresa Mays govt contravened international law in Syrian airstrikes - Oxford law expert
Corbyn again calls for concrete proof of Russian involvement in Skripal poisoning
UK govt cant demonstrate convincing evidence - Labours Chakrabarti questions Syria strikes
Syria strikes: Evidence and democracy are such nuisances when there are missiles to launch
No war in history has begun with so little support - Galloway slams PM over Syria (VIDEO)
Ex-Pink Floyd singer denounces White Helmets as propaganda tool during Barcelona concert (VIDEO)
Anti-Muslim activists turned away at UK border again
Syria bombing: May braces for MPs backlash as she gives in to emergency Commons debate
Wheres the legal basis? Corbyn challenges legality of Syria missile strikes
Trailed after Trump: Corbyn says May should have sought parliamentary approval for Syria strikes
UK Parliament, not Trump, should set its foreign policy - Sturgeon on British strikes in Syria
RAF fighter jets prepare to launch as May greenlights Syria airstrikes (VIDEO)
British PM May says it was right and legal to take military action in Syria


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16:25 'I am human, I bleed red: Twitter user hits back after UK govt accuses her of being 'Russian bot'

16:11 EU systematically & forensically annihilates Mays Irish border plans

14:37 Man jailed for 16 years after hurling acid at aspiring model & cousin (VIDEO)

14:28 OPCW work on Skripal poisoning lacks transparency - Russian envoy to UK

14:05 Instagram rap tribute to dead 13yo boy lands UK teen in court for hate crime

12:42 David Camerons disastrous Libya intervention criticized by own committee (VIDEO)

10:53 MPs form yet another committee to tackle Russian problem

10:46 Britain should move towards friendship with Assad - ex-UK ambassador to Syria

10:42 Red tape, not Russia, preventing OPCW inspectors entering Douma - Labour MP Thornberry

10:26 Bleak reality of UKs poorest families revealed: Households without power & food

09:35 Scientist warns of toxic levels of Novichok in Salisbury hotspots despite earlier reassurances

09:11 #ICYMI: Be reassured, people of Syria - West's humanitarian missiles are ready to intervene (VIDEO)


16:21 I made Skripal poison. Maybe. Probably not. But I was poisoned once: Odd BBC scientist interview

16:05 May accused of 'misleading Parliament' in Windrush scandal - but has she done it before?

15:13 Nigel Farage jokes that Khan and Trudeau risk to Western civilization

13:30 Wheres the motive? Another ex-British military chief questions Syrian chemical attack

13:07 Plane crashes near Belfast airport - two reportedly killed

11:47 Western version of Syria chemical attack events may be all wrong, ex-UK envoy tells RT (VIDEO)

11:39 Nerve agent used against Skripals is out in the wild, ex-MI5 officer tells RT (VIDEO)

11:15 Go home or face arrest vans approved while she was on holiday - Mays former special adviser

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