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Russia is culpable over ex-double agent poisoning, claims Theresa May

Britain will expel 23 Russian diplomats and suspend all high-level contact with the country, Prime Minister Theresa May said. It comes as part of a range of measures in response to the poisoning of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal. Read Full Article at


14.03.2018 11:59

Britain seeks urgent UN Security Council meeting over Salisbury spy attack
Top private girls school to introduce gender-neutral toilets in case pupils want to transition
Terrorist-supporting parents could have their children taken away, govt warns
Judgment Day: Putins midnight deadline has terminated, so what will Theresa May do next?
Premature to blame Russia for spy poisoning, Salisbury residents say (VIDEO)
B****** to Brexit: Commons Speaker Bercow called to resign over anti-Brexit sticker
Sanction Chelsea and Arsenal? Pull out of the World Cup? Ban RT? Just how could May punish Russia?
'Dont try anything rash: Russian Embassy urges UK to rethink rumored cyber attack
Father subjects daughter to FGM twice to punish her, Old Bailey hears
UK TV regulator writes to RT, says it may consider whether channel's license is 'fit and proper'
Muslim MPs sent Punish a Muslim Day letters encouraging mosque bombings
Just because the poison was made in Russia doesnt mean theyre behind it - ex-MI5 officer (VIDEO)
Generation Identity activist was also member of banned Nazi terrorist group
Cannabis-seed seller faces US extradition despite breaking no UK laws


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19:41 Labour to challenge May on Brexit deal and will trigger general election if it fails - Corbyn


16:40 EU must be kidding: Nigel Farage-emblazoned condoms push for 'hard Brexit'

13:20 UK PM May demands new proposals from EU to break impasse

13:13 'Ticking time bomb: New government report claims UK's nuclear enterprise is not 'fit for purpose'

12:58 #ICYMI: The Salisbury poisoning - Petrov and Boshirov, two men on a mini-break (VIDEO)

11:57 Corbyn called for boycott of Arsenal FC in 2006 in protest of clubs deal with Israeli tourist board

04:09 UK boasts of securing its skies from aggression by peeking at Russian bombers in intl airspace

02:43 Semen or toothpaste? Sussex University slammed for distributing sexist material to new students


22:28 UK to set up new internet regulator to monitor hate speech and enforce code of conduct - report

16:14 Tories leak secret plan to ditch Theresa May as leader & list of possible successors

16:08 'Croydon cat killer': Mystery of feline mutilations finally 'solved' but have police been outfoxed?

14:05 Sun deletes models Putin wants to kill me story amid claims of Salisbury poisoning hoax

12:55 Is deep state trying to block Corbyn govt? Labour leaders adviser fears top secret conspiracy

12:09 Two UK teenagers arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attacks


21:30 Referendum, again? May & Tory minister at odds as EU wants UKs Brexit plan reworked

18:35 Putin wants me dead: Russian model seduces UK tabloids with new Salisbury poisoning claims

17:01 Sun boycott: British journos accuse Corbyn-supporting group of press censorship

15:52 UKs Def Sec Gavin Russia should shut up Williamson tours Ukraines frontline

13:51 NHS dubbed subconsciously racist by first non-white leader of British Medical Association

06:49 3 injured after car hits pedestrians outside mosque in NW London, investigated as hate crime

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