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B****** to Brexit: Commons Speaker Bercow called to resign over anti-Brexit sticker

Commons Speaker John Bercow is facing fresh calls to resign after it emerged he has a ******* to Brexit sticker emblazoned on his car. Pictures show the message stuck on the windscreen of his 4x4 vehicle Read Full Article at


13.03.2018 18:22

Sanction Chelsea and Arsenal? Pull out of the World Cup? Ban RT? Just how could May punish Russia?
'Dont try anything rash: Russian Embassy urges UK to rethink rumored cyber attack
Father subjects daughter to FGM twice to punish her, Old Bailey hears
UK TV regulator writes to RT, says it may consider whether channel's license is 'fit and proper'
Muslim MPs sent Punish a Muslim Day letters encouraging mosque bombings
Just because the poison was made in Russia doesnt mean theyre behind it - ex-MI5 officer (VIDEO)
Generation Identity activist was also member of banned Nazi terrorist group
Cannabis-seed seller faces US extradition despite breaking no UK laws
Police investigating suspicious package in Houses of Parliament, day after similar incident
What about freedom of speech? Twitter fury over MPs calls to ban RT
Puns, poison and the World Cup? The UK papers react to Mays midnight deadline
Labour MP Chris Bryant calls for RT UK to be shut down despite appearing on it himself (VIDEO)
Couldnt help myself: Labour MP suspended after slapping, sexually-harassing breast cancer victim
Say something: May 'under incredible pressure from colleagues to blame Russia in ex-spy poisoning


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14:23 Cambridge Analyticas London offices sealed off over suspect package

14:13 No smoking gun: Smack in the face for May as EU fails to back British escalation over Skripal

12:46 Weaponizing news': Ex-BBC boss attacks Facebook over propaganda & child porn

12:35 George Galloway tells RT the murderous far right is on the rise in the UK (VIDEO)

12:11 Dont take the words of the British for granted - Russian envoy to UK on Skripal case

11:16 Culture Secretary slams Facebook for data breach... right before he admits his own app did the same

10:56 Boris Johnson wants to increase stop and search powers - even though stats show they dont work

09:26 May will tell Europes leaders to throw out Russian spies as well

09:25 Isnt it ironic? UK takes back control by asking foreign firm to make new blue passports (VIDEO)

00:42 Fearing Russia 101: UK news service for kids says Putin may be most dangerous leader since Hitler


21:59 Eton mess? Elite UK private schools most questionable students

17:25 Im busted!: UK cop accidentally fines himself for untaxed vehicle

17:14 ICYMI Asks: What do you think about Russia? (VIDEO)

15:13 May ambushed in parliament over Tories extensive links to shady research firm Cambridge Analytica

14:21 Putins World Cup is like Hitlers 1936 Olympics - Boris Johnson (VIDEO)

13:46 Theresa May accused of repeating lies over police spending in parliament

12:25 We found the G-spot: Polish prince launches new Polish Pride party for EU migrants

12:18 Nigel Farage tosses dead fish into Thames over Mays Brexit betrayal

11:16 Jacob Rees-Mogg blasted as hypocritical as more details of Russian investment revealed

09:00 A sign of the times? Poor children officially fatter than rich kids, study proves

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