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VP Pence said to be gearing up for all-out Cold War with China unless it bows to all US demands

Washington expects Beijing to undertake a dramatic change in all of its policies to accommodate US demands and is prepared for prolonged hostilities if it does not, Vice President Mike Pence reportedly said. Read Full Article at


14.11.2018 06:48

Pilot killed as US T-38 supersonic military jet trainer crashes at base in Texas
US troops erect barricades & razor fence in San Diego as first migrants arrive in Tijuana (VIDEOS)
Scapegoat framed by US & Mexico: El Chapos lawyer claims real drug lord walks free & bribes govts
California wildfire rips through nuclear waste site, fueling airborne toxin risk concerns
Truth serum? New CIA 'torture program' docs shed light on post-9/11 'Project Medication'
Want to be a #Resistance hero? Just get fired by Trump
You forgot Hindus twice: Trump roasted over botched Diwali festival tweets
US records 17% spike in hate crimes, African-Americans & Jews most targeted
Ohio hospital put on lockdown over possible active shooter situation
Bezos vs. the working class: Amazons new headquarters meets public backlash
Trump considers a cabinet reshuffle, eyes new DHS secretary & chief of staff - reports
Trump is vulgar, but EU has always been under US heel - George Galloway
Post 9/11 US veterans dont have the illusion of righteousness about the wars they fought
US will squeeze Iran with sanctions until the pips squeak - Bolton


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19:35 Alex Jones heckles CEO of evil Google in Senate halls on way to hearing

18:50 Parents outraged after children hit the stage in KKK costumes in Arizona

15:37 Loyal dog guards burned-down house weeks after California wildfire (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

15:24 Pompeo blasted for hypocrisy on Twitter after saying Russia squandering public funds on military

14:07 Big mistake! Newspaper writes about Julia Roberts holes in hilarious typo

13:40 Military will build border wall if Congress doesnt play ball - Trump

06:34 Its official: Excessive screen time irreversibly affects kids brains, study finds

04:27 Pen-pal of Charleston church shooter arrested in pipeline bomb plot sting in Ohio

04:06 White people are the best! Columbia probes students viral racial rant (VIDEO)

02:00 Red, white & blue dawn? US aerial drill simulates full-scale forcible entry invasion

00:29 FBI arrests ISIS sympathizer for plotting Pittsburgh copycat attack on Ohio synagogues


20:48 Hold your nose and look for hate speech - Breitbart says Google tried to slash its ad revenue

18:09 KKK recruiting in Pittsburgh neighborhood where synagogue shooter murdered 11 Jews

17:34 Dirty game or business as usual: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes on DC lobbyists

16:28 Parties resolved the matter: Court documents in foreign agent Butina case suggest deal made

15:12 DISTURBING VIDEO shows group of NYPD officers ripping 1yo infant from mothers arms

15:04 Blackmailed to lie? Roger Stone associate sues Mueller, intel agencies for $350mn

13:33 Voyager 2 becomes second man-made object to enter interstellar space - NASA

02:57 Trump commits to record $750bn defense budget days after saying $716bn was too much - reports


23:52 Trump's Chief of Staff post in the air after his top pick refuses to replace Kelly

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