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Social media posts could ruin your college dreams, lawyer warns

Merely following Alex Jones on Twitter almost cost one teen a college admission. Another lost his scholarship over a Facebook message about the 2016 election. Anything you post can and will be used against you, a lawyer tells RT. Read Full Article at


10.08.2018 19:43

Police dashcam footage shows dramatic shootout at routine traffic stop (VIDEO)
Kanye West goes silent after Jimmy Kimmel asks if he thinks Trump cares about people (VIDEO)
Blue light emitted from smartphones and laptops accelerates blindness - study
From high-strung to school-shooting training: New Mexico captors come from prominent imam family
Democratic congressman jokingly wishes GOP Senate candidate would jump off a bridge
The Russians are coming to hit Florida's midterms, Democratic senator claims
Black-clad group protesting police brutality stage brutal attack outside Portland city hall (VIDEO)
Ocasio-Cortez v Ben Shapiro: Dem candidate refuses catcalling debate offer
State Dept deflects questions on US-backed Saudi strike that killed dozens of children (VIDEO)
Man arrested for soliciting murder of ICE agents & threatening to slit McCains throat
NYC prison guard viciously beaten by murder suspect while on patrol (VIDEO)
Dutch F-35 zooms over Sierra Nevada in beast mode carrying external payload (VIDEO)
Evil genius Trump will be last president of US, filmmaker Michael Moore warns
The Farce Awakens? Trumps Space Force logo contest triggers avalanche of better designs


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05:33 Michigan cops taser man holding 2-month-old baby (VIDEO)

03:42 Texas father stabs toddler to death while screaming Jesus is coming

03:27 Protesters topple Confederate statue on UNC campus (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

02:36 Trump says not considering lifting sanctions unless Russia does something good for US

00:20 St. Louis teen posts made it to see 17, gets shot & killed on birthday


23:57 Most Americans favor diplomacy over sanctions when it comes to Russia - poll

19:54 Prankster lures men to New York square to compete in real life Tinder

19:13 Pope Francis promises zero tolerance for pedophile priests after Pennsylvania abuse revelations

18:49 Asia Argento called sexual assault accuser my son, my love in Instagram posts that didnt age well

18:46 Alligator kills South Carolina woman, drags her body into lagoon

18:33 Wishful thinking: Atlantic Council imagines how Russia 'probably' will influence US politics

17:50 Global warming deniers partly responsible for Aretha Franklins cancer, says Stevie Wonder (VIDEO)

17:34 Twitter verification of NYTs racist Sarah Jeong sparks online outrage, accusations of hypocrisy

16:39 Ex-CIA deputy chief & Republican trade barbs in furious row over security clearance claim (VIDEO)

16:16 DA probes Raleigh arrest footage showing man kicked & repeatedly hit with baton (VIDEO)

15:10 Babes for Trump: Instagram account collects images of hot supporters (PHOTOS)

14:38 Treason or no treason? Ex-CIA chief Brennan now not so sure about famous Trump/Putin 'Treason' tweet

14:03 Clapper vs Brennan: Ex-DNI chief says ex-CIA heads attacks on Trump becoming 'an issue

13:02 Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign

04:38 US Embassy in Turkey attacked by gunman in passing car - reports

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