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Soros buys up shares in New York Times

Billionaire liberal financier and political meddler George Soros has purchased $3 million-worth of stock holdings in the publisher of the New York Times, the investors first such purchase in over a decade. Read Full Article at


13.06.2018 22:01

Attempt to break worlds biggest orgy record falls limp as enthusiasm withers
Fearless raccoon scales 25-storey building in Minnesota, capturing hearts & Twitter handles
Gasp! Rachel Maddow reveals shocking fact that North Korea has a border with Russia
Will America wake up? Republican congressman retweets anti-immigration post from white supremacist
Scientists determine what God looks like for Americans (IMAGE)
Democrats dont give a f**k about Russia - 4 ways we know Americans are sick of Russiagate
Nevada pimp and reality TV star Dennis Hof wins Republican primary
Proposal to split California into 3 states goes to ballot
US wants major N. Korean nuke disarmament within 2.5 years - Pompeo
War games: Liberals slam Trump for using language of the enemy
New normal? NASAs Predator drone flies solo in commercial airspace for 1st time
US intelligence developing human DNA-like models to hoard your personal data
Volcanic eruptions may sap oxygen from oceans, lead to mass extinction of life on Earth - study
Secret missile-launch or lens flare? Bizarre streak over naval station triggers conspiracy theories


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20:11 Trump says he trusts Kim, cites 'good chemistry' & 'very good relationship' (VIDEO)

17:31 Major oil spill spreads across Iowa floodwaters, forcing evacuations after train derails (VIDEO)

15:48 Restaurant owner kicks Sarah Sanders out, sparks online review war

15:13 Close encounters? Clinton & Comey within 1km of each other on Dublin trip (VIDEO)

14:18 Ridiculous v right thing to do: Twitter split after Netflix fires communication boss over N-word

11:17 Incompetent enemies: John McAfee blasts poisoning attempt from his hospital bed (PHOTOS)

01:43 Light attack plane crashes in New Mexico


22:33 Black communities mentally scarred when cops kill unarmed African-Americans - study

21:51 CNN, MSNBC look away as Trump hosts families of victims killed by illegal immigrants

18:59 3 years for 3 rapes: Wisconsin student absolved of litany of sex offenses after plea deal

18:18 Fonda under fire over Trump pedo threat: RT looks at 5 times liberals got away with it

16:58 Rolling in it: 24-karat gold leaf super-joint most expensive ever crafted (VIDEO)

15:45 Trump prolongs sanctions against North Korea for another year

15:35 Poll: Majority side with Trump on immigration, blame parents for detention crisis

15:08 FBI may have meddled with Mike Flynn case evidence - US congressman

14:37 Police need warrant for cell phone location data, SCOTUS rules

14:30 NSA moves top secret data to cloud developed by Amazon

11:09 Heavily-edited bodycam footage of suspects final hrs released by LAPD

10:44 ABC to bring back Roseanne without Barr after shows star booted for racist tweet

10:25 Nikki Haley slams UN report on US poverty under Trump as 'misleading & politically motivated'

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