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Scientists determine what God looks like for Americans (IMAGE)

What people envision God to look like varies broadly, depending upon demographics and politics. Whether God is male, female, black, white, young or old is entirely subjective and often our God looks a bit like we see ourselves. Read Full Article at


13.06.2018 17:38

Democrats dont give a f**k about Russia - 4 ways we know Americans are sick of Russiagate
Nevada pimp and reality TV star Dennis Hof wins Republican primary
Proposal to split California into 3 states goes to ballot
US wants major N. Korean nuke disarmament within 2.5 years - Pompeo
War games: Liberals slam Trump for using language of the enemy
New normal? NASAs Predator drone flies solo in commercial airspace for 1st time
US intelligence developing human DNA-like models to hoard your personal data
Volcanic eruptions may sap oxygen from oceans, lead to mass extinction of life on Earth - study
Secret missile-launch or lens flare? Bizarre streak over naval station triggers conspiracy theories
Wake up Punchy! Trump hits back at low-IQ De Niro over f-bomb at Tonys
Porn star Stormy Daniels attorney says Russia is out to get him
Court approves $85bn AT&T purchase of Time Warner
Drills or no drills? Confusion over VP Pences Korea comments after Trump promises halt to war games
Heckler accuses Joe Biden of molesting girls on book tour stop


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20:11 Trump says he trusts Kim, cites 'good chemistry' & 'very good relationship' (VIDEO)

17:31 Major oil spill spreads across Iowa floodwaters, forcing evacuations after train derails (VIDEO)

15:48 Restaurant owner kicks Sarah Sanders out, sparks online review war

15:13 Close encounters? Clinton & Comey within 1km of each other on Dublin trip (VIDEO)

14:18 Ridiculous v right thing to do: Twitter split after Netflix fires communication boss over N-word

11:17 Incompetent enemies: John McAfee blasts poisoning attempt from his hospital bed (PHOTOS)

01:43 Light attack plane crashes in New Mexico


22:33 Black communities mentally scarred when cops kill unarmed African-Americans - study

21:51 CNN, MSNBC look away as Trump hosts families of victims killed by illegal immigrants

18:59 3 years for 3 rapes: Wisconsin student absolved of litany of sex offenses after plea deal

18:18 Fonda under fire over Trump pedo threat: RT looks at 5 times liberals got away with it

16:58 Rolling in it: 24-karat gold leaf super-joint most expensive ever crafted (VIDEO)

15:45 Trump prolongs sanctions against North Korea for another year

15:35 Poll: Majority side with Trump on immigration, blame parents for detention crisis

15:08 FBI may have meddled with Mike Flynn case evidence - US congressman

14:37 Police need warrant for cell phone location data, SCOTUS rules

14:30 NSA moves top secret data to cloud developed by Amazon

11:09 Heavily-edited bodycam footage of suspects final hrs released by LAPD

10:44 ABC to bring back Roseanne without Barr after shows star booted for racist tweet

10:25 Nikki Haley slams UN report on US poverty under Trump as 'misleading & politically motivated'

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