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Use the Space Force! Internet sniggers over Trumps idea for cosmic army

US President Donald Trump appears ready to build an intergalactic army after suggesting the establishment of an armed unit tentatively known as Space Force - and the internet is ablaze with hilarious reactions. Read Full Article at


14.03.2018 09:36

Starship troopers? Trump eyes space force, calls cosmos war-fighting domain
Mysterious loud boom shakes Oklahoma, locals report green and orange flashes
High-ranking State Dept. official sacked after saying Tillerson was fired in a tweet
Trump eyeing punitive tariffs on $60bn of Chinese imports, tech - report
14K empty shoes commemorate all victims of school shootings since Sandy Hook (PHOTOS)
Trump tours border wall prototypes in California amid protests (PHOTOS)
Army General admits US does not track weapons used to bomb Yemeni civilians
'I Got #Tillersoned' going viral after Trump fires Secretary of State
'Russia's isolation is not in anyone's interests' - Tillerson
Whos next? Pompeo-Tillerson shake-up sparks Twitter speculation on Trump firings
White women forced to vote Trump by husbands & sons - Clinton
'Bomb Iran & execute Snowden: Brief history of Pompeos foreign policy rhetoric
House GOP finds no Russia collusion, but political mudslinging will continue
Torture master? Who is Gina Haspel, 1st woman to head CIA


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14:44 'Gun, gun, gun: Police mistake cell phone for firearm, shoot suspect 20 times (VIDEO)

14:31 Trump & Biden trade insults but who would win in a real fight? (POLL)

13:46 Gun vloggers vent fury as YouTube bans firearms videos, switch to PornHub

11:59 Austin mail bombings: What we know about attacker

09:49 Most Erdogan guards accused of beating protesters during Washington visit off the hook - reports

09:41 Not near our kids: Wealthy Californians fight homeless shelters

00:56 Police release video of fatal Uber driverless cab collision (GRAPHIC)

00:00 Zuckerberg roasted online for unapologetic update on Facebooks breach of trust


21:23 FBI removes explosives from Texas bombing suspects house

20:13 Discrimination complaint after Malaysian flag mistaken for ISIS banner

19:07 Peace through strength! Trump says getting along with Russia is a good thing

18:56 US military a bunch of dumb s**ts - teacher fired for rant

18:19 GOP Rep wants border wall between California and Arizona to keep out criminals

18:07 Next Deepwater Horizon disaster a matter of time: Critics slam record offshore oil lease sale

17:40 When FARA is not far enough: US lawmakers invent new ways to brand RT as propaganda

17:28 Outrageous, impossible to believe': Bizarre security breaches bedevil Florida massacre school

17:23 Science Barbie mixing chemical weapons for Putin: Twitter derides Ivanka Trumps experiment photo

16:03 Facebook hypocrites working against online privacy law - campaigner

12:47 Electric storm at 30,000ft: Airplane passenger captures astounding pyrotechnics (PHOTO, VIDEOS)

09:14 Austin bomber suspect dead after blowing himself up - police

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