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Were very excited: US Navy to test warship laser weapon

A newly built US amphibious warship will test out new laser weapon technology as early as this coming fall, replacing an earlier tested $40 million laser. Read Full Article at


13.01.2018 04:11

CIA friends asked Moby to spread word of Trump-Russia collusion on social media
Trumps craving for more nukes a rip off that only benefits military industrial complex
Unnecessary personnel compromised Sandy Hook evidence - police report
Betrayed Pakistan army chief wont ask for further US aid
US & Canada clash over historic building that crossed border during winter storm
Twitter ridicules State Dept. after it urges US citizens to reconsider travel to Russia
Trump to boost usable nuclear weapons stockpile, justified by Russia & China arms buildup - leak
Kentucky imposes Medicaid work requirements in unprecedented reform
Dont eat laundry detergent: Tide Pod meme prompts police warning (IMAGES)
Very brave Syrian reporter in WaPo tweet unmasked as jihadi propagandist
We helped rebuild Pentagon after 9/11: El Salvador condemns Trumps s***hole remarks
Blazing transformer sparks Newark Airport evacuation (PHOTOS)
Fighting season: Pentagon to send 1,000 new troops & drones to Afghanistan
Last chance: Trump waives Iran sanctions, demands changes to disastrous nuclear deal


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00:58 Top Democrats peg #ReleaseTheMemo on Russia, demand Twitter & Facebook investigate - again

00:52 US military aircraft emergencies & incidents over Japan doubled in 2017

00:35 New Jersey spent $42mn settling crimes committed by police


21:43 4 things the CIA director let slip in rare public appearance

19:31 Montana signs executive order forcing net neutrality

18:07 FBI agent sent jaw-dropping text about no Russia collusion - senator

18:03 Sessions questioned by Mueller in Russia investigation

15:50 Secret society within FBI, DOJ trying to take Trump down, Congressman Gowdy claims

15:24 The loss of critical anti-Trump FBI text messages is too coincidental

15:23 'Fake news, I'll gun you down': Man arrested over phone threats to CNN staffers

14:42 Kentucky school shooting: 2 dead, 17 injured, 15yo suspect in custody

13:55 US citizens among fatalities in Kabul hotel attack - State Dept

09:57 Oops Hawaii governor was late in retracting false missile alert because he forgot Twitter login

09:42 Extraordinary threat to life after major quake offshore Alaska - state officials

07:02 Whose fault? Tesla crashes into fire truck, driver blames autopilot (PHOTOS)

05:09 NYPD limits number of get out of jail free cards issued to officers

04:37 ICE jails Polish doctor living in US for 40yrs, family demands release

03:04 Puerto Rico to privatize crippled power utility PREPA

02:11 5 missing after gas well explosion in Oklahoma

01:50 Pennsylvania court rules states gerrymandered congressional map unconstitutional

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