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Pentagon to present its own plan of effective war on terror in Syria - without Russia

Washington has its own plan on how to effectively combat terrorism in Syria, the Pentagon has said, adding that the US is not planning to cooperate with Moscow on the issue. Read Full Article at


08.09.2018 20:13

Developing nation US cant afford to subsidize India & China, says Trump
Pentagon designing Glide Breaker interceptor to hit enemy hypersonic missiles - media
US recalls diplomats from El Salvador, Panama & Dominican Republic over rejection of Taiwan
Pentagon routinely briefs Trump on military options in case of chemical attack in Syria
US Air Force determining facts & appropriate process to address Musks pot smoking


Racist-not-anti-Semite: Are Brits easily confused when judging anti-Israel comments?

A banned British teacher had his comments deemed not anti-Semitic, but racist after posting Israel should be wiped off the planet on Facebook. Some argue the anti-Semitism confusion in the UK only harms critics of Israel. Read Full Article at


08.09.2018 20:48


Russians vote on 22 regional heads including Moscow mayor

Russian citizens went to the polling stations on Sunday to choose heads of 22 regions, including the mayor of the capital, Moscow. They also elected 16 regional legislatures and thousands of municipal councils. Read Full Article at


08.09.2018 21:07


Chinas richest man Jack Ma to step down from Alibaba for philanthropy - report

Jack Ma has announced his plans to retire from his brainchild company, Chinas e-commerce giant Alibaba, the New York Times reports. The tycoon may switch to education and philanthropy instead. Read Full Article at


08.09.2018 08:01

Top 10 US cities where residents struggle the most to pay rent
Artificial intelligence could spur global growth as much as steam engine did - report
Jeff Bezos makes over $11,000,000 an hour, lowest paid Amazon worker gets $12



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23:10 Trump appoints budget director and self-proclaimed right-wing nutjob Mulvaney as chief of staff

21:05 Hidden for decades: Johnson & Johnson may have known about carcinogens in baby powder since 1971

19:03 Ocasio-Cortez suggests Kushner would only be made chief of staff because hes Trumps son-in-law

18:41 Canelo v Rocky: What you need to know as Alvarez meets Fielding in super-middleweight showdown

18:28 WADA to access Moscow anti-doping lab data next week

18:18 Crass & offensive: Mika Brzezinski apologizes on-air for Mike Pompeo butt boy comment

18:15 Internet freaks out as child teleports into BBC broadcast (VIDEO)

17:24 Russian swimmers claim 3 golds at short-course world championships

17:13 Chelsea being unfairly targeted over fan racism allegations, says Fabregas

16:54 Why didnt the Japanese kill you all: Chinese fans taunt rivals with Nanjing massacre slur

16:19 US diplomats did suffer ear damage after mysterious illness at Cuba embassy - doctors

15:50 'I'm not interested': Anthony Joshua snubs Tyson Fury as he chases Deontay Wilder clash

15:50 'I'm not interested': Anthony Joshua snubs Tyson Fury as he chases Deontay Wilder clash

15:37 Officials fault or parents neglect? 7yo migrant child dies in custody after crossing US border

15:16 'Theresa May lookalike wanted by police after money stolen from cash machine

15:08 'BIG TROLL!' British prankster dressed as old man tricks Tommy Robinson AGAIN (VIDEO)

14:56 Ronaldo to accept tax fraud charges as Spanish court date named - reports

14:47 Taylor Swift sparks privacy concerns for secretly using facial recognition tech on fans

14:24 Iran loses market share in India as its oil exports slump in November

13:49 'Let's get in the ring': Oscar De La Hoya calls out rival promoter Dana White

13:26 Linekers vicious Brexit Twitter spat with BBC colleague prompts broadcaster to clarify rules

12:53 Russia & Syria to dump dollar in mutual trade, agree joint energy projects

12:27 Ive just been sick: Michael Gove & Ed Balls do Gangnam Style dance to the horror of the public

12:12 Woman's bizarre, racially charged, NY subway fight sparks citizens arrest (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

12:08 China to suspend extra tariffs on US-made cars & parts for 3 months

12:04 Russia says its business as usual, EU sanctions extension changes nothing

12:02 Hes lowered the credibility of boxing: Alvarez lashes out at Mayweather, demands rematch

11:41 Texas teen ice hockey player suspended for vicious stick attack on rival (VIDEO)

11:38 Yellow Vest pro-Brexit protesters block Westminster Bridge

11:06 France counting up billions in lost revenues after weeks of Yellow Vest protests

10:56 Syria aiming to compete at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

10:18 No brainpower: Chelsea hit out at own fans for anti-Semitic chants at Europa League game

07:52 Solid relations in time of sanctions: Germanys investments into Russia exceed 2 billion

03:32 US gun deaths at 40-year record as suicide rate spikes

01:22 One at a time, please! Trump inauguration committee reportedly under criminal investigation


22:58 Not open for renegotiation: EU stands by Brexit deal, offers few extra reassurances to May

21:10 Senator buys (and drops) thousands in defense stock after pushing Trump for bigger military budget

20:59 Its raining money: Looting chaos on New Jersey highway after Brinks van door malfunctions (VIDEOS)

20:37 US Senate passes resolution blaming Saudi Prince MBS for Jamal Khashoggi murder

20:12 It doesnt matter if I cant see, I still celebrate: Blind Liverpool fan becomes viral sensation

19:45 Dozens of bomb threats by Bitcoin scammers hit several US states

18:24 Brexit battle lines: England legends Gary Lineker & Peter Shilton clash on Twitter

18:22 Grinch Trump steals Christmas (party) from journalists

18:02 Miss USA accused of mocking Asian Miss Universe contestants for not speaking English (VIDEO)

17:48 NBA icon Jordan slaps Charlotte Hornets star Monk after early celebration (VIDEO)

17:43 Columbine High School on lockout: Threats of planted bombs, suspicious person in the area

17:01 Strasbourg football team close stadium to public in securty measure after 3 killed in deadly attack

16:38 Get the f**k out!: Santa rips off beard, screams at children after fire alarm goes off

16:20 Mika missing at Morning Joe after calling Pompeo a wannabe dictators butt boy

16:09 A serious & disturbing signal: Russian anti-doping chief on allegations against biathlon team

15:48 Astonishing fraud: Pentagon stashes away unspent money & then uses it without any accountability

15:11 Corbyn plots no-confidence motion with DUP in Mays Tory govt before Christmas - reports

14:57 Sex text MP has whip restored for crucial vote as May seeks power over principle

14:53 Qualcomm aims to ban sales of Apple's flagship phones in China - report

14:47 4,700 on Google ads - thats it? We never found evidence of Russian collusion

14:31 Stripper twerks over MLS trophy in wild Atlanta United celebrations (VIDEO)

14:27 LOL! Californians may be slapped with tax on short text messages

14:25 Really Foxed that one up: News outlet refers to US president as David Trump (PHOTO, VIDEO)

14:24 French teen rugby star dies after suffering broken neck in game

14:00 'He's an egomaniac!': Ronaldo savaged for denying Dybala screamer with attempt to score (VIDEO)

13:45 EU & Japan want to turn back Trump clock by creating world's largest free-trade zone

12:59 British MPs to vote on Mays Brexit deal in January

12:29 Wild allegations: Russian Foreign Ministry hits back at Austrian doping probe into biathlon team

11:46 Chancellor Hammond labels Rees-Mogg, Boris & co extremists as Tory civil war gets ugly

11:42 Obviously I was joking: NBA star Steph Curry backtracks on moon landing conspiracy comments

11:21 No intention: Bayerns Thomas Muller apologizes for shocking kung fu kick red card (PHOTOS)

11:18 Russia remains main supplier of coal to Ukraine as coming bitter frost forces Kiev to boost imports

11:13 As US debt spirals to $22 trillion, former Fed chair Janet Yellen is suddenly concerned

11:09 Please help!: Crying trespasser nearly dies after 2 days stuck in restaurant's GREASE VENT

10:40 Austrian police question Russian biathlon team on suspicion of doping violations

10:24 May remains in power as nobody wants to do the worst job - Brexit

10:12 After instigating trade war America will have to dance to China's tune - investor Peter Schiff to RT

05:35 Sex abuse scandal-plagued Boy Scouts may declare bankruptcy

03:39 Then look at this! US man flips off officials with 315kg finger statue after 10yr dispute (PHOTOS)


23:55 Central African Republic football official arrested on suspicion of war crimes

22:05 Internet incredulous as CSKA inflict RECORD home defeat on Real but still go OUT OF UCL

21:02 Theresa May survives no confidence vote, vows to deliver Brexit & better future

20:23 Conor McGregor v Jose Aldo: 13 seconds that changed the UFC (VIDEO)

19:46 CSKA 3-0 Real Madrid - CSKA crash out of UCL despite THREE-NIL win at the Bernabeu (PHOTOS)

19:28 New Yorks new Attorney General promises to use every area of the law to investigate Trumps

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