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Trump warns Assad against reckless' attack on Syrias militant-held Idlib

US President Donald Trump has warned Syrian leader Bashar Assad not to attack Idlib province, one of the last terrorist hideouts in the country,...


03.09.2018 22:29

Racist robocalls and Soros funding? Florida governor race turns dirty fast
Nevada woman dies in jail after being denied medical help, DA finds no wrongdoing
Aid-delivering Syrian rebels: NYT shows warm, fuzzy side of Al-Qaeda in Idlib
Pundits lose minds over bipartisan candy-sharing moment between George W. Bush & Michelle Obama
Woman carrying baby leads Texas police on high-speed highway chase (VIDEO)
Outrage as US cop who killed unarmed black man trains others to survive stress
Upset Ice Cube fan opens fire, shot by police as panic engulfs concert venue (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Tropical Cyclone alert: Gulf Coast states must prepare now for powerful storm
10 injured, some in extremely serious condition after San Bernardino shooting
US police arrest 'China's Jeff Bezos' over suspected sexual misconduct


Man stole thousands raised for son of slain soldier Lee Rigby, made flop music track - prosecutors

A man who organized fundraisers to supposedly help the son of a British soldier brutally killed in London kept the money for himself and used part of it to make a music single that he knew would "flop," according to prosecutors...


03.09.2018 21:34

Grooming gangs: Cultural drivers to be probed in new inquiry, says Sajid Javid
Computer says no: Police force resorts to asking an algorithm if they should investigate crimes
British power on trial? Mauritius takes UK to court over Chagos Islands
British kingpin in 350m cocaine gang seized in Escobars Colombian heartland


At least 30 Russian political prisoners held in foreign nations, ombudsman claims

At least 30 Russian citizens are currently in custody in foreign nations, either serving sentences for their political beliefs or awaiting trial on political charges, Russia's human rights commissioner has told reporters. Read Full Article at


03.09.2018 14:59

Russia will stick to Minsk Accords despite recent murder of Donetsk Republic head - Kremlin
Russia closes 93 prisons in 7 years due to more lenient laws - official
They dont care about children: Kadyrov blasts US for halting Palestinian aid


Amazon may soon overtake Apple as world's most valuable public company

The stock of the online retail giant Amazon is racing toward a $1 trillion market valuation, trading at $2,012 per share on Monday. The company is poised to become the next big tech titan after Apple to reach the milestone. Read Full Article at


03.09.2018 15:15

South African bank wants farmers to repay debt for property even if it's expropriated by government
China quickly catching up to EU in trade with Russia - Kremlin
Turkeys Erdogan calls on global trading partners to smash US dollars monopoly
White workers at South African energy giant Sasol to strike over black-only share scheme


We wont forgive McGregor jibes, says Khabib Nurmagomedov's father

The father and coach of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, Abdulmanap, says that while he and his son wont react to potential provocation from Conor McGregor, they also wont forget what the Irishman says. Read Full Article at


03.09.2018 18:36

Russias Cheryshev gets Puskas nomination for rocket against Croatia (VIDEO)
Russia players in mustache-themed tribute for manager Cherchesovs birthday (VIDEO)
Staggering social media impact of Ronaldo Juventus transfer revealed
Lionel Messi NOT included as finalist for FIFA best men's player award
I want to crush his confidence: Jon Jones targets 2 more victories against Daniel Cormier (VIDEO)
Atletico player bites Real Madrid starlet Vinicius Jr on head in furious clash (VIDEO)
Hes probably a Mourinho target! Cheeky footballer intercepts rivals message from manager (VIDEO)
Brazil legend Ronaldo becomes main owner at Spanish club Valladolid in 30mn deal
Liverpool star Mane filmed cleaning toilets at local mosque (VIDEO)
Face-off: Finnish hockey team could sue newspaper for Putin image on emblem


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20:34 Trump confirms hes pulling US out of nuclear deal with Russia

19:04 Mexico opens border to women & children of US-bound migrant caravan (VIDEO)

18:55 Black folk will catch hell: Pro-Trump group under fire over radio ads targeting Democratic senator

16:47 Godzilla, Tardis & Einstein: NASA redraws constellations to map gamma-ray sky (IMAGE, VIDEOS)

16:16 Migrant sodomizer, rot in grave: Outrage over 9/11 widow abused by NYPD-hating liberal (VIDEO)

13:56 Space junk plunges out of orbit and crashes on California farm (PHOTOS)

12:08 1,000s gather in London for biggest anti-Brexit rally seeking final say (VIDEO)

11:43 Khabib presented '1st Russian UFC champ' cup by hometown team, kicks off match (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

11:22 You dont see this everyday: Plane makes epic emergency landing amid freeway traffic (VIDEO)

10:22 South African farmers to visit Russias Crimea to boost ties while facing land expropriation at home

09:44 Enjoy the weirdness: Steel balls sent hurtling down Seattle street after truck sheds load (VIDEOS)

09:29 Nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50 a day - World Bank

09:10 Love story on narrow skis

09:03 Emerging economies stockpiling gold in expectation of US dollar banking system collapse - analysts

05:50 Ukraine government hikes gas prices for population by quarter as part of deal with IMF

04:43 These arent little angels! Trump denounces hardened criminals storming Mexico border

02:06 Sex robot gets 92 Tinder matches in 2 hours

00:40 Trump finds Saudi version of Khashoggi death credible, touts arms deals with great ally

00:17 As Bolton heads to Moscow, US charges another Russian with election meddling

00:09 Not buying it: Lawmakers & journalists skeptical of Saudi story about Khashoggi death


23:36 Migrant caravan using women & children as human shields to break into Mexico - Pompeo

21:04 Hope we can keep it: Trump touts Saudi arms deal while talking sanctions over Khashoggi death

20:14 Hillary 2020? Former adviser says theres a (slim) chance

18:06 Thousands of US-bound migrants storm Guatemala-Mexico border (VIDEOS)

17:33 I stripped off for a reason - Russian hockey fan backs team in unusual way

17:25 Marijuana legalization linked to spike in car crashes, studies reveal

17:17 Sincerely proud: Putin congratulates Russian team on topping Youth Olympics medal table

17:04 White House chopper mechanic busted with crystal meth after calling the cops on himself

16:36 Tough cookie, my guy!: Trump praises Montana Congressman who body-slammed reporter

15:17 Khabib v Mayweather: Russian boxing chiefs want Moscow megafight

15:16 Olympic shock: Japanese company admits falsifying earthquake safety data for Tokyo 2020 venues

15:14 Convicts dupe US soldiers with nude photos in sextortion scam

14:27 Grooming gang, whose court cases were protested by Tommy Robinson, jailed for 221 years

14:08 NYT columnist gets Twitter-skewered after defending his honeyed flattery of Saudi Arabia (VIDEO)

13:27 Rihanna snubs Super Bowl halftime show in support of Kaepernick

12:55 I wont let us go down without a serious s**t fight, says Tory MP in foul-mouthed anti-May rant

12:50 Russia welcomes foreign banks to join its money transfer alternative to SWIFT

12:25 Serena Williams coach calls for rule change after US Open scandal

12:22 Facebook really is finished: Tech giant hires Nick Clegg as head of global affairs

12:08 Elle Magazine forced to apologize as Kim & Kanye fake news completely backfires

12:04 South African city to begin confiscating land from white citizens in national test case

11:57 Genuinely dangerous: Islamic State supporter Anjem Choudary released from prison

11:52 Football & Khabib - The UFC champ's fight to keep the beautiful game alive in Dagestan

11:49 Kristen Bell slams THAT Snow White kiss and the internet fires back

11:14 CNNs Acosta bizarrely tells former WH official to Fu*k off for teasing tweet

11:06 No hard feelings: Khabibs dad invites McGregor to Dagestan

10:44 Huge Iranian oil armada heads to China before US sanctions kick in

10:39 Russia negotiates new energy project with Exxon despite looming US sanctions - reports

10:22 Haunted by 'slaves' or 'dead Iraqi soldiers'? Social media reacts to Bush daughters WH ghost story

07:47 EUs chief Brexit negotiator says Irish border issue could sink whole deal

06:23 Helicopter of most disastrous Seventh Fleet crashes aboard USS Ronald Reagan in Philippine Sea

05:22 US shales glory days are numbered

05:21 'Trump asked if I was from the same tribe as Warren': Nikki Haley's top jokes at NYC fundraiser

04:33 Missouri senator demands special probe into covert journos who exposed her misleading voters

03:29 Former US nuclear command officer charged with diverting military contracts to her own company

01:51 UK researchers link consumption of junk memes to teen obesity & other unhealthy habits


23:31 Bolton and Kelly exchange profanities outside Oval Office over immigration policy

23:05 Former FBI agent jailed for leaking bureaus secret rules to Intercept

22:58 'Good thing we don't hit women!': De La Hoya sensationally hits back at Mayweather jibes

22:52 Modern exorcist holds ritual to shield Kavanaugh from coordinated hexing by witches & sorcerers

22:18 'Conor McQuitter, Golden Girl & cheating a**': Mayweather in scathing posts to ex-opponents (PHOTOS)

21:31 Russia getting rid of US dollar matter of national security - Putin

21:07 Don't touch me!': Watch behind-the-scenes row in California congressional debate (VIDEO)

20:09 It certainly looks like Khashoggi is dead, consequences will be severe - Trump

20:06 Active shooter call puts Navy shipyard in Virginia on lockdown

19:18 White woman calls cops on black man cheering sons soccer game, goes viral as Golfcart Gail

19:02 Israel overturns deportation order, will allow detained US student Alqasem to enter

17:39 Rot in hell!: Henry Kissinger heckled at New York University speech (VIDEO)

17:15 Millions of porn videos will still be available for child consumption in new UK rules

17:14 Mnuchin drops out of Saudi investment conference as outcry over Khashoggi disappearance continues

16:59 Guilty until proven innocent: Teen girls made boys life unbearable with false assault allegations

16:55 Let's wrap it up, I want to play ice hockey - Putin gets his skates on at Valdai Club session

16:49 Im not an anti-Semite. Im anti-termite: Nation of Islam leader wont be suspended by Twitter

16:39 Saudi-friendly Kushner keeping low profile as Trump admin shrugs off Khashoggi case, report claims

15:59 Nadal & Djokovic urged to cancel Saudi exhibition match amid journalist murder claims

15:07 Russia & China preparing to ditch dollar for national currencies in trade - top official

15:02 Christian leader urges viewers to cool down anti-Saudi rhetoric, and protect vital arms deals

14:44 Look at this f**king white guy: Man brutally sliced in New York pizza parlor attack

14:41 Id rather be poor and master of my own fate: Multimillionaire actor Michael Caine on Brexit

14:25 Conor could've been killed, I had to step in - Irish fan reveals role in McGregor-Khabib brawl

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