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Anti-ICE protester scales Statue of Liberty, prompting island evacuation & rescue (VIDEO)

Visitors had to be evacuated from the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day after a group of activists protesting against the US government's immigration enforcement agency caused a disruption. Read Full Article at


04.07.2018 22:55

Injured woman begs people not to call ambulance because she cant afford it
Hows independence working out? UK newspaper faces Twitter wrath over 4th of July article
Insane Clown Privacy: Juggalo makeup is the key to defeating facial recognition software
Americans ask Russians to fix their space-toilet
Constituent calls cops on suspicious black politician canvassing (PHOTO)
Go back to your country: Womans racist bus rant filmed in NY (VIDEOS)
Trump considered invading Venezuela at height of political crisis - reports
Its not a conspiracy theory - your phone really is watching you, research finds
Russiagate: DC judge throws out collusion lawsuit against Trump
Writer-in-chief? Internet pours over Trump Twitter typo
Cosmic radiation from giant star system heading towards Earth - NASA (VIDEO, PHOTO)
Transgender movie outrage: Scarlett Johanssons new pimp role melts internet
ICE gearing up for war? US immigration agency runs assault rifle training, doubles M4 arsenal
Hesitating police officers response to Mandalay Bay massacre under review (VIDEO)
US not NATOs piggy bank? Trump likely to talk straight at blocs upcoming summit
Ex-liberal who started #Walkaway campaign says oppressive Left has drowned out common sense
Proud Boy protester knocks antifa man out cold at Portland riot (VIDEO)
Trump the peacekeeper? US leader brags that America would be in war with N. Korea if not for him


Wimbledon antics: Mating winged insects invade British Grand Slam

Swarms of flying ants become the main stars on Wimbledons Court One on Wednesday as the mating insects irritated No. 2 seed Caroline Wozniacki, who said she came here to play tennis, not eat bugs. Read Full Article at


04.07.2018 21:36

UK police say couple in Wiltshire contaminated with same substance as Skripals
Boris is the British Trump: Obamas nickname for Johnson revealed
You cannot be Siri-ous: UK defense minister suffers bizarre iPhone interruption in Commons (VIDEO)
Nigel Farage: Im banned from meeting Trump because UK govt hates me
Unclear if crime committed in unknown substance case near Salisbury - UK police
Russia? Brexit distraction? Twitter erupts amid unknown substance case near Salisbury
UK will foot 5mn policing bill for Donald Trumps visit to Scotland
Fury or praise? Love Island fans mixed reaction to Ellie Jones support for Tommy Robinson
UK counter-terrorism police looking into 'unknown substance' incident near Salisbury
Major incident near Salisbury as 2 checked for unknown substance exposure - police


Air hooliganism: Fines for misbehaving on planes to rise tenfold under Duma committee plan

Russias Lower House Committee for Legislative Work has upheld a proposal to increase fines for violent behavior on board passenger aircraft and for those refusing to comply with the captains orders. Read Full Article at


04.07.2018 14:48

Football World Cup matters more for Russians than upcoming pension reform - poll
Duma gives first nod to bill ordering life sentences for sex crimes against minors


Iran will import goods only from countries that buy its oil - MP

The Energy Committee of Iran has announced that Tehran will buy goods only from those nations which purchase Iranian oil. This follows the US demand from its allies to stop buying Iranian crude. Read Full Article at


04.07.2018 14:45

Tesla skips critical brake tests on Model 3 vehicles to meet production goal
China will counterpunch US with $34 billion in tariffs - report
Russia to build new nuclear power units in China
US oil touches $75 amid fears Iran will block Middle East shipments


Father & son jailed, fined $24mn for Premier League matches piracy in 'landmark ruling'

A Swedish court has jailed a father and son and fined their Arabic-language internet TV company a record 210 million Swedish crowns ($24 million) for broadcasting English Premier League matches without permission. Read Full Article at


04.07.2018 19:34

World Cup Dream Team: The best players on display in Russia so far
'I saw a monumental theft': Maradona in scathing attack after England victory
'Neymar the cat - World Cup craze spreads among fans pets (VIDEOS)
World Cup host city mayor calls for a short day before QFs match
'Refs haven't been protecting Neymar enough': Brazil great Ronaldo slates World Cup officials
Russian businessman depicts his wife in 12-storey-high World Cup mural
CCTV footage shows England fan defacing monument outside World Cup stadium (VIDEO)
Ill coach Russia and you can play for me - Mourinho inspires young stars of the future in Moscow


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08:42 Amesbury Novichok victim Charlie Rowley back in intensive care

05:33 Michigan cops taser man holding 2-month-old baby (VIDEO)

03:42 Texas father stabs toddler to death while screaming Jesus is coming

03:27 Protesters topple Confederate statue on UNC campus (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

02:36 Trump says not considering lifting sanctions unless Russia does something good for US

00:20 St. Louis teen posts made it to see 17, gets shot & killed on birthday


23:57 Most Americans favor diplomacy over sanctions when it comes to Russia - poll

21:37 3 injured in shooting outside Londons Kingsbury tube station

19:54 Prankster lures men to New York square to compete in real life Tinder

19:13 Pope Francis promises zero tolerance for pedophile priests after Pennsylvania abuse revelations

18:50 Potentially thousands of child slaves forced to work on illegal London cannabis farms

18:49 Asia Argento called sexual assault accuser my son, my love in Instagram posts that didnt age well

18:46 Alligator kills South Carolina woman, drags her body into lagoon

18:33 Wishful thinking: Atlantic Council imagines how Russia 'probably' will influence US politics

17:52 Conor McGregor will retire if Khabib beats him - MMA analyst Robin Black (VIDEO)

17:50 Global warming deniers partly responsible for Aretha Franklins cancer, says Stevie Wonder (VIDEO)

17:34 Twitter verification of NYTs racist Sarah Jeong sparks online outrage, accusations of hypocrisy

17:14 English football club paints away dressing room pink to lower opponents testosterone level

16:39 Ex-CIA deputy chief & Republican trade barbs in furious row over security clearance claim (VIDEO)

16:18 From fore to sore: Golfer has thumb bitten off after course brawl turns vicious

16:16 DA probes Raleigh arrest footage showing man kicked & repeatedly hit with baton (VIDEO)

15:44 Go home if you dont respect our anthem - Russian MP on Ukrainian footballers protest

15:29 Land seizures begin in South Africa after owners refuse govt lowball buyout offer - report

15:10 Babes for Trump: Instagram account collects images of hot supporters (PHOTOS)

15:08 Turkey lodges WTO complaint against US tariffs

14:38 Treason or no treason? Ex-CIA chief Brennan now not so sure about famous Trump/Putin 'Treason' tweet

14:27 So much blood: Angry golfer leaves spectator with 6 head stitches after freakish accident

14:03 Clapper vs Brennan: Ex-DNI chief says ex-CIA heads attacks on Trump becoming 'an issue

13:36 UK cuts funding for Syrian opposition group claimed to be under jihadist control

13:32 Tesla shares nosediving as Elon Musk's privatization plans leave market unimpressed

13:18 Turkey & Qatar seal currency swap deal to cut US dollar transactions

13:02 Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign

12:44 Four Japanese basketball players expelled from Asian games over prostitute scandal

12:22 I will start again: Sarri to quit smoking while Chelsea boss, but only temporarily

12:03 Chaos at Gatwick airport as flight info displayed on whiteboards amid screen glitch

11:19 In the name of fake news - Occupy London attacks Facebook after temporary ban (VIDEO)

11:16 Two thirds of Russians believe secret groups conspiring to rewrite history & harm nation

10:41 Panicking white farmers putting land up for sale in South Africa - report

10:30 US sanctions scare Total out of Iran despite Brussels protection pledge

10:28 Footballs first transgender referee to renew wedding vows with loyal wife

09:31 Russia & Japan plan to launch freight route via Trans-Siberian Railway

09:27 Liberal project of new world order has failed, top Russian senator claims

08:47 Market logic trumps politics: US Pacific Northwest dependent on Russian oil imports amid shortage

08:21 Italian ultras want women, wives & girlfriends banned from stadium's sacred space'

04:38 US Embassy in Turkey attacked by gunman in passing car - reports

04:12 Sacha Baron Cohen tricks food critic into praising 'butter soft human flesh'

02:49 Harvey Weinstein accuser had sex with 17-year-old, paid him $380k hush money - report


21:21 No soda for you! California bill wants to restrict kids from drinking sugary drinks at restaurants

20:11 'Where's the evidence?' Chicago community shocked after teen kills himself while running from police

19:45 Not just Russians: China, North Korea & Iran may target US elections, Bolton says without proof

19:20 'Relax & be like FDR': HuffPost founder's advice to sleep-deprived Musk backfires

18:56 'Truth isn't truth': Bizarre Giuliani quote sends Twitter into frenzy

17:41 Chelsea boss Sarri seen clutching packet of cigarettes during Arsenal game (PHOTOS)

17:41 Twitter CEO admits platform is left leaning after complaints tech giant gags conservative voices

17:39 Trump calls Mueller probe McCarthyism at its worst lashing out at fake New York Times

16:21 Teen faces year in jail for pushing friend off 60ft bridge (VIDEO)

15:59 US govt doesnt think people have intelligence to decipher news, hence censorship - Keiser

15:06 American arrested for peeing on passenger two rows behind him during flight to Japan

14:52 Street artist transforms Facebook bus adverts with forthright message

13:59 Right, left-wing groups face each other in fiery public confrontations in Boston, Seattle

12:44 Tyson Fury confirms Deontay Wilder bout after second comeback win

11:03 South African winemaker warns land seizures could be disastrous for industry & economy

06:47 Rupee depreciation to raise Indias oil bill by $26 billion

06:39 14 fans injured after structure collapses before Backstreet Boys Oklahoma concert (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

04:16 Syria stabilization fund was ridiculous, let the Saudis pay it, Trump says

03:06 Accused 'Russian agent' Butina moved to another jail, now in 'borderline torture' conditions

01:37 Facebook 'censors' conservative education page, says it was a mistake, but few are convinced


23:54 Trump takes a minute to explain the obvious: It's the president's job to talk to foreign leaders

23:06 NYT reports White House counsel cooperates with 'Russiagate' probe, Trump says he allowed it

21:34 Mysterious fireball that dazzled Alabama locals solved by NASA (VIDEO)

21:28 Outrage after London police call removal of homeless tents 'clean-up of environmental issue'

19:58 Big boat in big trouble? UK beats Russia threat drums as its new aircraft carrier heads for trials

18:56 Accused 'Russian agent' Butina deprived of sleep & medication - lawyer to RT

18:06 Champions Juventus leave it late but win as Ronaldo fails to find net on debut

17:00 Nord Stream 2 is purely economic project, doesnt prevent gas supplies through Ukraine - Putin

16:13 Trump: We wont let discrimination of conservatives on social media happen

15:59 Pele wishes Cristiano Ronaldo luck ahead of Juventus debut

15:31 Senate intel committee head sees no evidence of Russian collusion, says probe frustrating as hell

14:54 Could science-fiction super soldiers become reality after extreme US military tests?

14:45 Feathers ruffled after British boxer chucks chicken at US fighter in Nandos restaurant (VIDEO)

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