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Giant Marilyn Monroe statue gets church members hot and bothered (PHOTOS)

A giant statue of Marilyn Monroe is getting some residents in Connecticut hot and bothered after the sculpture was positioned with the icons underwear-clad rear directly facing a church. Read Full Article at


08.06.2018 22:58

Wheres Russia collusion? Mueller adds obstruction to Manafort indictment, charges Kiev businessman
US Air Force grounds all B-1B bombers after ejection seat trouble
Media alarmed as Trump taps Bannons producer for US propaganda czar
Cause of death of hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning remains a mystery - autopsy report
Guns, drugs & poverty drive US suicide epidemic - report
Suit-wearing man lashes out in unprovoked sidewalk attack (VIDEO)
Tennessee store owner reposts No Gays Allowed sign after Supreme Court ruling
Kanye Wests livestream of new album goes down in flames
3 critically injured after bungalow explodes at camp for teenage boys - report
Russia should be in G7, whether you like it or not - Trump says on way to summit
US celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain found dead in apparent suicide
Trump will stay at G7 for women's rights, but not ecology
Ex-CIA Director John Brennan must testify on spygate - Sen. Rand Paul
Ahead of North Korea summit, Trump softens Iran rhetoric
Murderer who ate his own eyeball is crazy, but that wont stop his execution - court
To spy or not to spy? Tucker Carlson grapples with Democrat Rep. over spygate informant
Trump sets off Twitter storm after requesting thanks for firing James Comey
Trump unloads on 'indignant' Trudeau for 'killing' US agriculture


Let's not get on high horse about racism in Russia, its an issue here in UK - John Barnes (VIDEO)

Legendary ex-Liverpool and England footballer, John Barnes has said that Brits should not get on their high horse about racism in Russia, because it's fantastic here, it's not, in an interview on RT's Sam Delaney's News Thing...


08.06.2018 17:07

Did Boris leak it? Twitter awash with conspiracies after Johnson reveals Trump and Brexit thoughts
'Horrific attack': Woman, 90, seriously injured after being savagely beaten in London (GRAPHIC PICS)
'Failed, weak, shambles': Lord Truscott gives scathing analysis of Theresa May to RT (VIDEO)
Military chief who launched fear campaign against Russia accused of bombing Syrian civilians
The cost of human rights? UK may relax rules to lure Saudis Aramco to London Stock Exchange
Australian officials visit Julian Assange at Ecuadorian embassy for first time
#ICYMI: Why is everyone so mean about Israel? Netanyahu's awkward European tour (VIDEO)
17 years on from the invasion, Afghan leader pleads for more British troops to tackle Taliban
Guardian cartoonist angrily denies picture of Netanyahu, May & Palestinian medic is anti-Semitic
Suicide rate for young Londoners has doubled in recent years, new figures reveal
I want to be the father: Trans man who gave birth refuses to be labeled mum on birth certificate
School mistress Theresa May too afraid of offending people - Trump
Trump negotiating Brexit would be a fantastic idea - leaked Boris Johnson recording


Communists seek nationwide referendum as Russian cabinet is set to raise retirement age

Russian Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov has described the proposal to raise the retirement age in Russia as insanity and says the issue should be decided by a nationwide referendum. Read Full Article at


08.06.2018 09:56


iPhone shipments to fall by 20% this year - report

Apple will ship 20 percent fewer iPhones in 2018, Japanese financial daily the Nikkei reported on Friday, citing industry sources. Read Full Article at


08.06.2018 19:01

Trump takes to Twitter talking tougher trade tariffs on G7 allies
Russia-China trade to reach record $100bn by year-end as ties grow in all sectors - Putin
Who owes who? Gazprom appeals against European asset seizures to compensate Ukraine's Naftogaz
Sweden 'begrudgingly' approves construction of Russias second gas pipeline to Northern Europe


'Welcome to the FIFA World Cup!': Putin greets football teams & fans coming to Russia 2018 (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has released a personal video address welcoming each of the 32 participating nations and the millions of expected fans arriving in Russia to the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals. Read Full Article at


08.06.2018 20:31

NBA champions won't be invited to the White House, Trump says
78-year-old King of Polish fans set to attend his 11th successive World Cup in Russia
Homeless football championship to be held in Moscow days before World Cup
Stanley Cup champ Ovechkin to be invited to World Cup opening game
Iraqi Mo Salah lookalike hoping to emulate Liverpool man in more ways than one
Donald Trump considering pardon for boxing great Muhammad Ali
Washington turns red after Caps historic Stanley Cup triumph
Im not scared of Suarez, I can bite him myself! - Russia defender Kutepov
Will Smith official World Cup 2018 song video clip released (VIDEO)
Spasibo - Pozhaluysta: NHL fans learn Russian after Capitals historic victory
Trump congratulates 'superstar' Ovechkin for making 'D.C. poppin' with Caps success
Twitter chuckles about Russian interference after historic win of Ovechkins Capitals
Washington Capitals win 1st Stanley Cup in franchise history, defeating Vegas 4-3


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17:44 Infowars says PayPal has terminated agreement with it for promoting 'hate'

17:10 Joshua v Povetkin: British heavyweight champ faces Russian challenger & burden of expectation

17:04 Clown wars: Trump trades Pennywise barbs with California Democrat

16:40 EU must be kidding: Nigel Farage-emblazoned condoms push for 'hard Brexit'

16:38 NYT rolls out mammoth report on Russian interference that fails to tell allegations from facts

16:26 Father of NBA star killed in drive-by shooting

16:14 Duke Energy dam fails in North Carolina, coal ash leaking into river

15:28 Sexy Handmaids Tale Halloween costume swiftly removed from sale after outcry

15:08 Foul play: NFL star penalized for butt-wipe touchdown celebration (VIDEO)

14:58 Trump delays order to declassify Russia probe documents

14:29 Russia could gain from trade wars by cornering new markets - economy minister

13:37 Fitch slashes global economic growth forecast over US-China trade war

13:34 Trump blasts Kavanaugh accuser, says if alleged attack was that 'bad,' charges would have been filed

13:33 Palestinian sports groups threaten Puma boycott over Israel sponsorship

13:27 US Republicans under fire over offensive ad using Hindu Ganesha to woo voters

13:23 US Olympic women's volleyball star indicted for murder, child abuse in Puerto Rico

13:21 Peace with Iran! Anti-war activist dragged from Trump officials anti-Tehran speech (VIDEO)

13:20 UK PM May demands new proposals from EU to break impasse

13:13 'Ticking time bomb: New government report claims UK's nuclear enterprise is not 'fit for purpose'

12:58 #ICYMI: The Salisbury poisoning - Petrov and Boshirov, two men on a mini-break (VIDEO)

12:51 Moscow court liquidates vigilante movement that fought parking violations

12:23 US sanctions are sign of dollar crisis & decline of confidence - Lavrov

12:18 Were not women: Juve star Can sparks sexism debate after apology for Ronaldo red card comments

11:57 Corbyn called for boycott of Arsenal FC in 2006 in protest of clubs deal with Israeli tourist board

11:06 Footballer disappears into hole while celebrating Europa League goal (VIDEO)

11:04 Trump is obsessed with auto trade, French ambassador to the US says

10:45 Economic cold war may be coming, JPMorgan warns

10:15 Any dialogue is better than none at all - top Russian senator on relations with US

10:01 War of Words: The best quotes from Conor & Khabib's 'darkest' UFC 229 presser (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

09:16 Multiple people stabbed in Queens, NYC including children - reports

04:09 UK boasts of securing its skies from aggression by peeking at Russian bombers in intl airspace

02:54 8yo girl among 5 injured in shooting at family wake in Syracuse, New York

02:43 Semen or toothpaste? Sussex University slammed for distributing sexist material to new students

02:39 Michael Cohen praises own integrity & veracity during Mueller probe in accidental tweet

00:45 Trumps new cyber strategy seeks global dominion over internet

00:17 Are you disrespecting Putin!? - Conor goads Khabib over WC final pic with Russian President


23:17 Former Southwest employee sues airline over whites only break room & home-made noose

22:30 Google admits it lets hundreds of third party apps read your emails

22:28 UK to set up new internet regulator to monitor hate speech and enforce code of conduct - report

22:17 'I'll beat Khabib in the name of the Russian people!' McGregor makes shock UFC 229 promise (VIDEO)

21:04 Our hands are not tied anymore: White House approves offensive US cyber strategy

21:02 Khabib Nurmagomedov v Conor McGregor UFC 229 press conference from NYC (VIDEO)

20:51 Grammar fail! Pompeo annoyed with State Dept's inappropriate use of commas, staff given lessons

20:25 Florida student jumps airport fence, tries to steal American Airlines passenger jet

20:19 To protect arms sales, Pompeo favors sole voice backing renewed support of Saudis in Yemen - report

18:50 Puerto Rico is 'still a US colony and deserves self-determination, says Ocasio-Cortez

17:29 US slaps Chinese arms procurer with sanctions for buying advanced Russian weapons

16:59 Trump demands OPEC lower oil prices, claims US protects Middle East countries

16:49 This is a turning point in the whole story - Swiss sports lawyer on RUSADA reinstatement

16:14 Tories leak secret plan to ditch Theresa May as leader & list of possible successors

16:08 He thinks he can KO me, well see: Khabib lays into McGregor ahead of UFC 229 press conference

16:08 'Croydon cat killer': Mystery of feline mutilations finally 'solved' but have police been outfoxed?

16:00 Trump Jr restaurant snub: Politically neutral Montana eatery ditches Republican event

15:43 Dozens of Detroit schools test positive for high levels of lead & copper in drinking water

15:25 Its like Deep Throat: DOJ investigating after employee admits to resisting Trump from inside

15:20 Ronaldo red card relief: Cristiano set to be handed 1-game ban, freeing him up for Man Utd return

15:10 Our athletes are the real winners - head of Russian anti-doping agency on WADA ruling

15:08 Russia can thrive without foreign loans in case of tougher sanctions - Finance Ministry

14:59 Global economic growth may have reached peak due to trade tensions - OECD report

14:57 Top senator hints at Russias looming exit from Council of Europe

14:42 US-China tariffs exchange could have 'significant economic costs' to global economy - IMF

14:39 Trump admin sued by canoeists over river restrictions near golf course

14:20 New Russian bill bans hired drivers from using drivers licenses issued outside the country

14:05 Sun deletes models Putin wants to kill me story amid claims of Salisbury poisoning hoax

14:04 Want more shootings? Listen to the ACLU, Black Lives Matter & Antifa - Jeff Sessions tells cops

14:00 Three killed in mass shooting in Harford County, Maryland

12:55 Is deep state trying to block Corbyn govt? Labour leaders adviser fears top secret conspiracy

12:40 Deep creep discovery near Californias deadliest faults could explain mystery earthquakes

12:35 WADA reinstates Russian anti-doping agency, ending 3-year suspension

12:23 I will always compete for Russia - figure skating star Medvedeva on Canada switch rumors

12:09 Two UK teenagers arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attacks

12:08 No. 1 bullsh*t people: Khabib, fellow fighters hit out at USADA after Jon Jones doping ruling

11:52 Lobster pot: Restaurant gets shellfish high on marijuana prior to cooking

11:40 Beijing plans to cut import tax for most trading partners as trade war with US deepens - report

11:29 Russian stock market hits another all-time high amid further ruble growth

11:18 Candidates in canceled elections should be barred from running again - LDPR leader

10:35 Comeback season begins now: Jon Jones cleared for UFC return after doping ruling

10:19 Volkswagen agrees pull-out from Iran to comply with US sanctions - reports

10:01 Supreme Court speaks out against formal approach in trials over extremist internet reposts

10:01 3D gun pioneer Cody Wilson wanted for sexual assault of a minor

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