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Giant Marilyn Monroe statue gets church members hot and bothered (PHOTOS)

A giant statue of Marilyn Monroe is getting some residents in Connecticut hot and bothered after the sculpture was positioned with the icons underwear-clad rear directly facing a church. Read Full Article at


08.06.2018 22:58

Wheres Russia collusion? Mueller adds obstruction to Manafort indictment, charges Kiev businessman
US Air Force grounds all B-1B bombers after ejection seat trouble
Media alarmed as Trump taps Bannons producer for US propaganda czar
Cause of death of hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning remains a mystery - autopsy report
Guns, drugs & poverty drive US suicide epidemic - report
Suit-wearing man lashes out in unprovoked sidewalk attack (VIDEO)
Tennessee store owner reposts No Gays Allowed sign after Supreme Court ruling
Kanye Wests livestream of new album goes down in flames
3 critically injured after bungalow explodes at camp for teenage boys - report
Russia should be in G7, whether you like it or not - Trump says on way to summit
US celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain found dead in apparent suicide
Trump will stay at G7 for women's rights, but not ecology
Ex-CIA Director John Brennan must testify on spygate - Sen. Rand Paul
Ahead of North Korea summit, Trump softens Iran rhetoric
Murderer who ate his own eyeball is crazy, but that wont stop his execution - court
To spy or not to spy? Tucker Carlson grapples with Democrat Rep. over spygate informant
Trump sets off Twitter storm after requesting thanks for firing James Comey
Trump unloads on 'indignant' Trudeau for 'killing' US agriculture


Let's not get on high horse about racism in Russia, its an issue here in UK - John Barnes (VIDEO)

Legendary ex-Liverpool and England footballer, John Barnes has said that Brits should not get on their high horse about racism in Russia, because it's fantastic here, it's not, in an interview on RT's Sam Delaney's News Thing...


08.06.2018 17:07

Did Boris leak it? Twitter awash with conspiracies after Johnson reveals Trump and Brexit thoughts
'Horrific attack': Woman, 90, seriously injured after being savagely beaten in London (GRAPHIC PICS)
'Failed, weak, shambles': Lord Truscott gives scathing analysis of Theresa May to RT (VIDEO)
Military chief who launched fear campaign against Russia accused of bombing Syrian civilians
The cost of human rights? UK may relax rules to lure Saudis Aramco to London Stock Exchange
Australian officials visit Julian Assange at Ecuadorian embassy for first time
#ICYMI: Why is everyone so mean about Israel? Netanyahu's awkward European tour (VIDEO)
17 years on from the invasion, Afghan leader pleads for more British troops to tackle Taliban
Guardian cartoonist angrily denies picture of Netanyahu, May & Palestinian medic is anti-Semitic
Suicide rate for young Londoners has doubled in recent years, new figures reveal
I want to be the father: Trans man who gave birth refuses to be labeled mum on birth certificate
School mistress Theresa May too afraid of offending people - Trump
Trump negotiating Brexit would be a fantastic idea - leaked Boris Johnson recording


Communists seek nationwide referendum as Russian cabinet is set to raise retirement age

Russian Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov has described the proposal to raise the retirement age in Russia as insanity and says the issue should be decided by a nationwide referendum. Read Full Article at


08.06.2018 09:56


iPhone shipments to fall by 20% this year - report

Apple will ship 20 percent fewer iPhones in 2018, Japanese financial daily the Nikkei reported on Friday, citing industry sources. Read Full Article at


08.06.2018 19:01

Trump takes to Twitter talking tougher trade tariffs on G7 allies
Russia-China trade to reach record $100bn by year-end as ties grow in all sectors - Putin
Who owes who? Gazprom appeals against European asset seizures to compensate Ukraine's Naftogaz
Sweden 'begrudgingly' approves construction of Russias second gas pipeline to Northern Europe


'Welcome to the FIFA World Cup!': Putin greets football teams & fans coming to Russia 2018 (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has released a personal video address welcoming each of the 32 participating nations and the millions of expected fans arriving in Russia to the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals. Read Full Article at


08.06.2018 20:31

NBA champions won't be invited to the White House, Trump says
78-year-old King of Polish fans set to attend his 11th successive World Cup in Russia
Homeless football championship to be held in Moscow days before World Cup
Stanley Cup champ Ovechkin to be invited to World Cup opening game
Iraqi Mo Salah lookalike hoping to emulate Liverpool man in more ways than one
Donald Trump considering pardon for boxing great Muhammad Ali
Washington turns red after Caps historic Stanley Cup triumph
Im not scared of Suarez, I can bite him myself! - Russia defender Kutepov
Will Smith official World Cup 2018 song video clip released (VIDEO)
Spasibo - Pozhaluysta: NHL fans learn Russian after Capitals historic victory
Trump congratulates 'superstar' Ovechkin for making 'D.C. poppin' with Caps success
Twitter chuckles about Russian interference after historic win of Ovechkins Capitals
Washington Capitals win 1st Stanley Cup in franchise history, defeating Vegas 4-3


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17:33 Its become unbearable: South Korean Garlic girls accuse curling official of abuse

17:26 NASA says humans could land on Mars in 25 years

17:08 Tax games: Chicago PlayStation users furious at new city fee

17:02 He wants a normal salary: Kante rejected offshore payments from Chelsea, report claims

16:33 Fox News will support CNNs lawsuit against Trump White House

16:13 Hanging by a bra clip: Tuktamysheva narrowly avoided wardrobe malfunction, image reveals

16:09 Never return to Neverland: Banner-waving Trump supporter banned from Disney World

15:58 'Above All - Croatia!': President presents team order medals for World Cup heroics (PHOTOS)

15:46 Vigilante group recruits 550 people to counter Birminghams rise in violent crime

15:41 If in doubt, blame the Jets: New York fan puts drink-driving charge down to NFL team's poor form

15:13 Woman launches shocking tirade at flight crew after they deny her more booze (VIDEOS)

14:31 Energy-hungry Thailand eyeing Russian LNG imports

13:44 Waiting for Conor: Donald Cowboy Cerrone hints at McGregor clash

13:42 Festive firearms: Glassmaking company gives employees handguns for Christmas

13:37 The best without a doubt: Maradona backs Mourinho over Guardiola as worlds top manager

12:54 'He's no longer a microphone!': Sports world reacts with shock & awe to Fellaini afro chop (PHOTOS)

12:43 Russia and Singapore ink $1bn worth of investment deals at ASEAN Summit

12:27 Steve Bannon to speak at Oxford Union, left-wing group announces protest

11:41 Iraq wants to barter food for desperately needed Iranian gas supplies - report

11:30 You've just been Zlatan'd! Ibrahimovic stunner wins MLS Goal of the Season award (VIDEO)

11:24 Youre paranoid: Man bit by cat dies from rabies after NHS prescribed anti-itch cream

11:18 Labour MP claims Russian drove speeding car despite man being in Russia, court hears

11:07 World Cup winner Mendy trolls Trump over Make France Great Again tweet

10:51 Khabib Time: UFC champ announces autobiography and Moscow book launch

10:09 Crude mood: Oil enters bear market, plunging most since 2015

09:40 Ultra-rare Pink Legacy diamond fetches record $50 million

06:48 VP Pence said to be gearing up for all-out Cold War with China unless it bows to all US demands

06:04 Pilot killed as US T-38 supersonic military jet trainer crashes at base in Texas

05:04 US troops erect barricades & razor fence in San Diego as first migrants arrive in Tijuana (VIDEOS)

04:17 Scapegoat framed by US & Mexico: El Chapos lawyer claims real drug lord walks free & bribes govts

01:52 California wildfire rips through nuclear waste site, fueling airborne toxin risk concerns

01:17 UK developing killer robot drones though it says it isnt - study

00:13 Truth serum? New CIA 'torture program' docs shed light on post-9/11 'Project Medication'


23:58 Want to be a #Resistance hero? Just get fired by Trump

22:35 Real Madrid appoint Santiago Solari as permanent manager

22:06 You forgot Hindus twice: Trump roasted over botched Diwali festival tweets

21:21 Kadyrov says 5yo Chechen can repeat 4,100 push-ups after world record not recognized (VIDEO)

21:09 US records 17% spike in hate crimes, African-Americans & Jews most targeted

20:24 Ohio hospital put on lockdown over possible active shooter situation

18:34 Bezos vs. the working class: Amazons new headquarters meets public backlash

18:05 Trump considers a cabinet reshuffle, eyes new DHS secretary & chief of staff - reports

17:50 Trump is vulgar, but EU has always been under US heel - George Galloway

17:48 Empire of elegance: The rhythmic gymnasts out to extend Russias Olympic dominance

17:25 Post 9/11 US veterans dont have the illusion of righteousness about the wars they fought

16:41 Brexit deal agreed with EU: UK ministers set to arrive at No 10. for May meeting

16:26 Nice tackle: Ronaldo snap struck by naked teammate Chiellini's accidental photobomb

15:02 US will squeeze Iran with sanctions until the pips squeak - Bolton

15:02 Make French wine great again: Trump escalates anti-Macron tweet tirade

15:01 Sex difference: Scientists claim to have discovered what sets men and women apart

14:47 Tommy Robinson refused entry into US to attend Republicans event on Islam - reports

14:46 Completely safe: Monsanto owner Bayer hit by new wave of lawsuits over Roundup weed killer

14:45 CNN sues Trump over White House ban on Jim Acosta

14:04 Well-informed Stanford Professor McFaul scoffs at idea of checking sources before tweeting

13:46 Stock market in serious downward spiral & for very good reason - investment guru Jim Cramer

13:25 A great honor: Alexander Yakushev on induction to Hockey Hall of Fame

13:16 Truly indecent: French prodigy Mbappe on mega-money in modern football

13:00 Like logo, like students? Wisconsin school breaks the internet with its Nazi salute teens

12:26 Chasing Pele: Lionel Messi has Brazilian legend's goalscoring mark in sight

12:08 'They were starting to learn German in Paris before US came along' - Trump taunts Macron

12:06 Pregnant mum of 5 murdered with crossbow in East London, baby survives