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Former CIA chiefs selective outrage over Trump

To hear the former CIA director turned NBC pundit John Brennan tell it, Donald Trump has destroyed the prestige of American presidency. Intent on playing his part in the #Resistance, Brennan glosses over some genuine horrors. Read Full Article at


01.06.2018 23:18

No hackers, just changing position: MSNBC pundit Joy Reid apologizes for blog posts
Trending no more: Facebook removing controversial news feature
Trump did not like meeting between North Korean leader & Russian foreign minister
US military killed almost 500 civilians in 2017 - Pentagon report
Fake cops busted: Impersonators fooled real police & firefighters for years, even arrested citizens
Memo to China: US has experience taking down small islands, Pentagon bigwig says
Trump wants Samantha Bee fired for calling Ivanka a c**t
Cargo hold screaming prompted pilots to abort Miami flight (AUDIO)
US Air Force tenders for upgrade to Doomsday Planes nuclear comms
an FSB agent do part-time? CIA Twitter ad offers jobs to Russian-speakers, trolls arrive in droves
$17 million and counting: Mueller investigation cost to US taxpayers revealed
RT asks why its OK for DNC to shred 1st Amendment if it means nailing Assange
Google lied about size of Pentagon AI contract, tried to hide project - leaked emails
Florida court awards $0.04 to family of man killed by cop inside his own garage
Google lists California Republicans as Nazis, blames Wikipedia vandals
US warns against attacking its troops after Assad says theyll leave Syria one way or another'


Scanda-Lush: Cosmetic firms 'Spy Cops' campaign doesnt wash on social media

A social media furor has descended on ethical cosmetics company Lush, after it launched a campaign linked to an official inquiry into the conduct of undercover police officers, some of whom had sexual relationships with activists...


01.06.2018 16:47

#ICYMI: Trump and Kim keep the world asking, 'will these two crazy kids ever get together?' (VIDEO)
Angry Tommy Robinson supporters descend on Leeds city center to protest jail sentence
Zombie knife-wielding man attacks car on busy London street in terrifying footage (VIDEO)
'Cut off the head, the rot': Actress Rose McGowan discusses Weinstein scandal with RT (VIDEO)
Will June be the end of May? Leadership challenges & Brexit votes could sink PM within weeks
Ex-London cop says Theresa May accused police of 'crying wolf' before knife crime 'tsunami'
What special relationship? Delusional No.10 trolled as Trump starts trade war
Almost half of Brits are anti-Muslim, new data reveals (VIDEO)
Osbornes Evening Standard guilty of disastrous mixing of news and ads - Peter Oborne (VIDEO)
Fake news Ramadan riot blamed on Birmingham Muslims, actually Swiss football hooligans
Niall Ferguson plots against left-wing student who was in the way of freedom of speech
Meghan Markles sister calls on Theresa May to free jailed ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson
N. Ireland could be given joint EU/UK status - UK source, in plan that could reshape Westminster
Spate of machine gun and stabbing attacks leave 4 injured in London night of terror
Tory Brexiteer Nigel Lawson under fire over French residency application


Over half of Russians describe efforts to curb corruption as successful - poll

Around 55 percent of Russians believe the authorities are waging a successful war against corruption, with 47 percent saying that arrests of senior officials for bribery are the best proof of this. Read Full Article at


01.06.2018 10:37

Kadyrov vows to rescue 94 Russian children from prison in Iraq


Tariffs on Harleys, bourbon & blue jeans - how Europe plans to retaliate against Trump

The European Union is planning to answer US tariffs on steel and aluminum by hiking tariffs on various goods coming from America. Read Full Article at


01.06.2018 14:58

Keiser Report on Scamville USA where consumer debt is skyrocketing
Countries want to limit US veto power at WTO
There goes the neighborhood: Canada & Mexico vow to strike back at US in trade war
Russia seeks to restore nuclear energy cooperation with US
Banking giants accused by Australia of running criminal cartel
Russias natural gas pipeline to Turkey will be extended to Europe - Putin


World Cup 2018 light show illuminates Moscows Manege building (VIDEO)

A breathtaking light show, dedicated to the imminent Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup, has illuminated Moscow, just two weeks before hundreds of thousands of people flock to Russia to witness the ultimate football showdown. Read Full Article at


01.06.2018 23:54

Former Man United manager Alex Ferguson released from hospital after brain hemorrhage
Promotion to help feed starving kids with World Cup goals branded an insult
A whole nation stops and stands still - Roberto Martinez on pressure of international management
Commission chief demands suspension after UFC fighters appalling weight-cut video
US womens soccer player refused call-up over gay rights shirts
'Young heroes': American youth football team rescues couple from overturned car (VIDEO)
Super Eagles sell out: Fans snap up Nigeria World Cup tops within minutes of going on sale (VIDEO)
Pep talk: World Cup coaches give advice ahead of Russia 2018 (VIDEO)
Moscow hooligans blacklisted ahead of World Cup as police crack down


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09:40 Chemical pollutants make people gay: Vegan groups comment backfires on social media

09:27 Beheading Trump artwork removed after death threats to gallery (PHOTO)

09:08 Russian cabinet to slap reciprocal sanctions on Ukraine: report

08:43 ISIS fanatic guilty of planning to behead Theresa May and attack Parliament

06:57 22 injured as helicopter blows tent over at California military base

05:03 UK investigators believe they identified Skripal attack suspects - Press Association source

04:41 Who actually benefits from sanctions on Iran?

02:45 Nikki Haley calls Human Rights Council UN's 'greatest failure' in bid to justify US exit


23:37 'Frankenfish' sighting in Pennsylvania could spell disaster for local ecology

21:49 Trump holds Putin responsible for meddling because hes in charge of Russia - interview

21:45 Tech giants squirm and dodge when grilled about China & N. Korea election meddling (VIDEO)

20:25 Your first-ever childhood memory could be fake news, new research reveals

19:53 Trump discussed Russias proposal to question McFaul, Browder, made no commitments - White House

19:13 More Croats watched World Cup semi with England than historic first-ever final - FIFA

19:02 White House says Trump was answering different question when he said Russia wasnt targeting US

18:19 US media claims Trump betrayed America with Putin meeting - Republican voters say otherwise

18:11 Russian gun activist must remain in jail after prosecutors say she was Kremlin spy

17:59 American University in Washington placed on lockdown after armed intruder report

17:30 US pulling out of WTO puts global security at risk - RTs Going Underground

17:20 Global war without oversight: US special forces deployed to 133 countries in first half of 2018

17:18 CNN contributor in hot water for praising cop killer Assata Shakur as freedom fighter

16:46 Whoopi Goldberg demands Homeland Security stage Trump intervention

16:42 Russian streets were symbol of friendship during World Cup - Putin

16:37 Trump: No, Russia isn't targeting US

16:27 Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson to remain in prison as judges consider appeal

16:13 Modric invites boy with Down syndrome to join Croatias World Cup celebrations (VIDEO)

16:08 We dont tip terrorist note writer banned from Texas restaurant

15:44 5 times Croatian President Grabar-Kitarovic won hearts at the World Cup (PHOTOS)

15:44 Tory MP slams Donald Trump and Boris Johnson as giant egos who believe in fake news (VIDEO)

15:44 Operations stopped at London Heathrow after reported fire alarm at control tower

15:39 Over 3,000 fans denied World Cup entry to Russia for security reasons

15:35 Was Trump right? Is the UK in turmoil?

15:34 Russian pilot jailed in US vows to continue fight for return home

15:16 Entertainer takes swing at PC culture as Punch & Judy gets boot for domestic violence

15:06 Horror handshake: Twitter digs Melanias facial expression during Putin meeting

15:05 National Action leader jailed for 8 years over banned neo-Nazi group membership

14:44 Putin suggests rolling out visa-free World Cup FAN ID concept to other events

14:44 Controversial Croat Vida saved from falling off open-top bus by goalkeeper Subasic (VIDEO)

14:28 Coincidence or conspiracy? Lights go out on Trump and Putin when talking about US intel agencies

14:12 Almost Stalinist: Labour Brexiteer Kate Hoey lashes out at EU

14:08 US-driven trade war biggest confidence killer for global trade - Beijing

13:54 Former wrestlers sue Ohio State University over alleged sex abuse by team doctor

13:52 Over half of Russian women open to romance with foreigners, poll finds

13:40 Trump calls Germany slave to Russian gas but is US overly dependent on Russian oil?

13:29 French wineries urge govt to stop killing 'the soul of France' with health warnings on wine

13:27 UFC signs with oldest Russian MMA promotion for 'UFC RUSSIA' development program

13:04 MLB All-Star game marred after racist, anti-gay tweets by pitcher Josh Hader resurface

12:45 Can I wrestle with it? Conor McGregor feeds and pets tiger in Russia after Putin meeting (VIDEO)

12:15 Suspected accomplice of notorious Chechen warlord Basayev extradited to Russia

12:10 Sexting Tory MP given ministerial role by May despite allegations of inappropriate touching

12:08 Teens snubbing sex & alcohol for family time, new research reveals

11:37 Leading US sports clubs cut ties with Papa Johns in wake of n-word scandal

11:10 Trigger happy killers: US Army gets furious response after it tries to celebrate Emoji Day

11:03 EU slaps Google with record $5 billion fine for antitrust violations

10:45 What did Trump promise Putin? Bring his interpreter to Congress & find out, Democrats insist

10:44 Messi or no Messi, we dont give a s***: Details emerge of rousing Pogba World Cup speech

10:37 US Secret Service agent dies after stroke during Trumps Scotland trip

10:22 The great dollar dump: Russia liquidates US Treasury holdings

10:21 Sinn Féin Gerry Adams home attacked: Man released on bail pending police investigation

10:12 Haters would rather go to war than see me getting along with Putin - Trump

10:01 Manipulated sexual harassment probe leads to Corbyn-critic John Woodcock quitting as Labour MP

10:01 Boeing plans to spend $27bn on purchases in Russia

09:36 Russian patriarch heads 100,000-strong procession honoring Romanovs martyrdom

08:45 Its appalling: Tory rebels threatened with election if they oppose Theresa Mays Brexit plan

04:45 Jealous woman smears 8 liters of pig blood all over lord's flat

04:41 Doctors may soon start putting magnetic wires in your veins to detect cancer earlier

02:30 Number of Muslims running for public office hits record high since 9/11 - report

01:21 Streaming service deletes 600k accounts in 60 days amid epidemic of child sexual exploitation

00:19 #WouldorWouldnt: Trump's election meddling U-turn sends Twitter into a frenzy


23:07 Three out of four Democrats want fresh face to take on Trump in 2020

22:04 US charges Russian gun activist Butina with acting as agent of foreign government

21:00 Lost in translation: CNN claims Putin admitted to election-meddling. He did not. (VIDEO)

20:40 Russian spy in the oval office? Nope, that was fake news

20:07 Lights go out at White House as Trump pledges loyalty to US intelligence (VIDEO)

18:53 'No collusion, but I don't see any reason it wouldn't be Russia' - Trump says misspoke in Helsinki

18:40 Trump says discussed Middle East with Putin, made progress on conflicts

17:27 Mexico interferes in our elections more successfully than Russia - Tucker Carlson

17:02 Miracle or hoax? US church believes Virgin Mary statue is weeping rose-scented oil

16:48 Dark money secrets: NRA, Planned Parenthood & others can now conceal donors

16:45 Las Vegas mass shooting victims sued by MGM Resorts

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