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US senators demand Magnitsky Act probe, sanctions on Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi disappearance

A group of Republican and Democrat senators united to demand an investigation into the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a consulate in Turkey. This could lead to sanctions against Saudi Arabia within 120 days...


10.10.2018 22:33

How is this not racist?: CNNs Don Lemon shouts down guest, laughs at token negro comment
Sooner than you think: Trump vows swift reaction to Indias S-400 purchase from Russia
Somebody took politics too far: Mans truck torched over Trump stickers
FBI took Rosensteins suggestion to wiretap Trump & invoke 25th amdt seriously - reports
China represents biggest, long-term threat to US interests - FBI director
Julia Roberts brother, Runaway Train star Eric Roberts wont mind getting Russian citizenship
Trump savages Medicare for All, as more Americans embrace socialism
Sexist AI: Amazon ditches recruitment tool that turned out to be anti-women
Actor does job: Fox News gun control hit piece on Jamie Lee Curtis backfires spectacularly
Hey, teacher! Don't leave LGBTQ kids alone! RT debate on Virginia lockdown drill controversy
Space race: Richard Branson trolls Elon Musk, says he must sleep more
Pretending theyre enslaved: Kavanaugh protesters outside Supreme Court mocked on Twitter
A once-in-a-lifetime event: Record-breaking Hurricane Michael makes landfall in Florida
Goldman Sachs aide plunges from a hotel balcony after stealing bosss wine worth $1.2m
Certain groups will do anything to win: Steven Seagal scoffs at alleged Trump-Russia collusion
'Resistance' poster-boy Avenatti is picking a literal fight with Donald Trump Jr.
US Defense Secretary Mattis wants 80% of key fighter jets ready for war
Google now plays 'Good Censor' for civility's sake, leaked internal briefing confirms
'With us, or against us': Nikki Haley's top threats & accusations at UN



Despite mainstream glory, questions raised about Bellingcat authenticity and Skripal poisoning case

Bellingcat, the investigative website in the news after claiming to have identified the Skripal poisoning suspects, has received mostly uncritical coverage from the media - but some independent journalists are raising questions...


10.10.2018 16:32

Brexit deal within reach by next week - chief EU negotiator Barnier
Missing Saudi journalist: BBC slammed for releasing off-air Khashoggi interview
British-Iraqi, gay, non-binary Muslim stars in BBC VIDEO to solve identity by quantum physics?
House of Commons will grill Pepper the Robot on the future of AI
Gay cake row: Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian bakers
Army investigating Tommy Robinsons photo op with troops, activist vows support for 'British heroes'


Top managers of failed banks should be banned from leaving Russia - Duma speaker

The Russian lower house speaker has supported the proposal to pass a law that would ban top managers from failed banks to leave Russia for the period when their organizations are being rescued by the government. Read Full Article at


10.10.2018 14:36

Half of all Russians and Ukrainians want friendship & open borders between two nations, poll shows
No PACE cooperation in 2019 due to anti-Russian hysteria - snr lawmaker


US stocks suffer worst loss in 8 months amid rising interest rates, tech hit hardest

US stock exchanges recorded biggest losses in 8 months as rising interest rates made investors flee risky stocks. The S&P, Dow Jones and Nasdaq plunged between 3 and 4 percent. Technology shares were among the worst affected. Read Full Article at


10.10.2018 20:13

Give non-GMO a go: Putin urges Russias agricultural expansion on international markets
Russias Crimea boasts record number of tourists in post-Soviet era
Reproduction of Russian Kalashnikov firearms in US tantamount to theft
EU energy system will collapse if sanctions target Russian oil & gas - BP boss


Our common victory: Khabib Nurmagomedov thanks Vladimir Putin after meeting

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov took to social media following his meeting with Vladimir Putin, to express the gratitude for the warm welcome by the Russian president. Read Full Article at


10.10.2018 23:29

Ronaldo lawyers confirm non-disclosure agreement, but say rape claims are fabrications
I didnt ask for Zagitova to be held back - Medvedeva on claims of Olympic row with ex-coach
Putin to Khabib on UFC brawl: When someone provokes us from outside, there can be hell to pay
Putin to Khabib on UFC brawl: When someone provokes us from outside, there can be hell to pay
Khabib meets Putin: Russian president congratulates UFC champ on worthy victory
Khabib v McGregor post-fight carnage was unacceptable - but not surprising
German tennis ace Zverev terrifies ballboy with celebration at Shanghai Masters (VIDEO)
Scrub up well, dont they? English FA faces sexism claims over womens team tweet
IOC to create refugee team for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Top clubs raided as Belgian football rocked by massive corruption scandal
Khabib 'set to meet Putin' as heros welcome continues in Russia
'Have the good grace to return it!' Tour de France trophy stolen from cycling show in Birmingham


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21:24 Dishonesty shameful betrayal: Brexit backers angry at Mays deal with EU

19:23 Draft Brexit plan approved by British cabinet, released to public

18:51 Trump vs. media: MSM fires back after White House says no journalist has 'right' to enter

18:47 May to face vote of no-confidence from Tory MPs - BBC

18:11 Tyson Fury drafts in Freddie Roach ahead of Deontay Wilder clash

17:49 A truly historic moment: Fetisov on Yakushevs Hall of Fame induction (VIDEO)

17:45 More serious reporting, less emotion: Woodward says CNN White House lawsuit is no remedy to Trump

17:33 Its become unbearable: South Korean Garlic girls accuse curling official of abuse

17:26 NASA says humans could land on Mars in 25 years

17:08 Tax games: Chicago PlayStation users furious at new city fee

17:02 He wants a normal salary: Kante rejected offshore payments from Chelsea, report claims

16:33 Fox News will support CNNs lawsuit against Trump White House

16:13 Russian figure skating stars striptease routine nearly became REAL STRIPTEASE during performance

16:09 Never return to Neverland: Banner-waving Trump supporter banned from Disney World

15:58 'Above All - Croatia!': President presents team order medals for World Cup heroics (PHOTOS)

15:46 Vigilante group recruits 550 people to counter Birminghams rise in violent crime

15:41 If in doubt, blame the Jets: New York fan puts drink-driving charge down to NFL team's poor form

15:13 Woman launches shocking tirade at flight crew after they deny her more booze (VIDEOS)

14:31 Energy-hungry Thailand eyeing Russian LNG imports

13:44 Waiting for Conor: Donald Cowboy Cerrone hints at McGregor clash

13:42 Festive firearms: Glassmaking company gives employees handguns for Christmas

13:37 The best without a doubt: Maradona backs Mourinho over Guardiola as worlds top manager

12:54 'He's no longer a microphone!': Sports world reacts with shock & awe to Fellaini afro chop (PHOTOS)

12:43 Russia and Singapore ink $1bn worth of investment deals at ASEAN Summit

12:27 Steve Bannon to speak at Oxford Union, left-wing group announces protest

11:41 Iraq wants to barter food for desperately needed Iranian gas supplies - report

11:30 You've just been Zlatan'd! Ibrahimovic stunner wins MLS Goal of the Season award (VIDEO)

11:24 Youre paranoid: Man bit by cat dies from rabies after NHS prescribed anti-itch cream

11:18 Labour MP claims Russian drove speeding car despite man being in Russia, court hears

11:07 World Cup winner Mendy trolls Trump over Make France Great Again tweet

10:51 Khabib Time: UFC champ announces autobiography and Moscow book launch

10:09 Crude mood: Oil enters bear market, plunging most since 2015

09:40 Ultra-rare Pink Legacy diamond fetches record $50 million

06:48 VP Pence said to be gearing up for all-out Cold War with China unless it bows to all US demands

06:04 Pilot killed as US T-38 supersonic military jet trainer crashes at base in Texas

05:04 US troops erect barricades & razor fence in San Diego as first migrants arrive in Tijuana (VIDEOS)

04:17 Scapegoat framed by US & Mexico: El Chapos lawyer claims real drug lord walks free & bribes govts

01:52 California wildfire rips through nuclear waste site, fueling airborne toxin risk concerns

01:17 UK developing killer robot drones though it says it isnt - study

00:13 Truth serum? New CIA 'torture program' docs shed light on post-9/11 'Project Medication'


23:58 Want to be a #Resistance hero? Just get fired by Trump

22:35 Real Madrid appoint Santiago Solari as permanent manager

22:06 You forgot Hindus twice: Trump roasted over botched Diwali festival tweets

21:21 Kadyrov says 5yo Chechen can repeat 4,100 push-ups after world record not recognized (VIDEO)

21:09 US records 17% spike in hate crimes, African-Americans & Jews most targeted

20:24 Ohio hospital put on lockdown over possible active shooter situation

18:34 Bezos vs. the working class: Amazons new headquarters meets public backlash

18:05 Trump considers a cabinet reshuffle, eyes new DHS secretary & chief of staff - reports

17:50 Trump is vulgar, but EU has always been under US heel - George Galloway

17:48 Empire of elegance: The rhythmic gymnasts out to extend Russias Olympic dominance

17:25 Post 9/11 US veterans dont have the illusion of righteousness about the wars they fought

16:41 Brexit deal agreed with EU: UK ministers set to arrive at No 10. for May meeting

16:26 Nice tackle: Ronaldo snap struck by naked teammate Chiellini's accidental photobomb

15:02 US will squeeze Iran with sanctions until the pips squeak - Bolton

15:02 Make French wine great again: Trump escalates anti-Macron tweet tirade

15:01 Sex difference: Scientists claim to have discovered what sets men and women apart

14:47 Tommy Robinson refused entry into US to attend Republicans event on Islam - reports

14:46 Completely safe: Monsanto owner Bayer hit by new wave of lawsuits over Roundup weed killer

14:45 CNN sues Trump over White House ban on Jim Acosta

14:04 Well-informed Stanford Professor McFaul scoffs at idea of checking sources before tweeting

13:46 Stock market in serious downward spiral & for very good reason - investment guru Jim Cramer

13:25 A great honor: Alexander Yakushev on induction to Hockey Hall of Fame

13:16 Truly indecent: French prodigy Mbappe on mega-money in modern football

13:00 Like logo, like students? Wisconsin school breaks the internet with its Nazi salute teens

12:26 Chasing Pele: Lionel Messi has Brazilian legend's goalscoring mark in sight

12:08 'They were starting to learn German in Paris before US came along' - Trump taunts Macron

12:06 Pregnant mum of 5 murdered with crossbow in East London, baby survives

11:34 'Woman' of the Year: GQ slammed for quote marks on Serena Williams cover

11:14 'Sleep with me, Ill make you a Baroness: Lib Dem peer faces longest suspension since WWII

11:11 Saudis scramble to stop oil price slide

10:37 California hellscape visible from space as wildfires rage on (PHOTOS)

10:32 Russias Rosatom to start construction of 7th power unit at Chinese nuclear power plant

10:25 Irans armed forces vow to protect oil tankers against US threat

04:31 Free speech on campus: War on Christianity or equal-opportunity ideological battleground? (DEBATE)

03:25 Russia threat ever more real: UKs May berates Moscow like recalcitrant child & offers salvation

01:42 Illinois prisons to retrain staff after transgender inmate who feels like sex slave sues (DEBATE)

01:02 California carnage: 42 dead in wildfires, 200 missing, 250k evacuated (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

00:54 Black security guard killed by police while stopping a bar shooting


23:19 Comment about public hanging spells trouble for Mississippi senator

22:56 Not afraid of dying: Watch Stan Lees last RT interview

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